Mateo Kovačić Signs for Chelsea

Mateo Kovačić has signed for Chelsea FC on a season-long loan from Real Madrid. The player wished to leave his club for more playing time. Chelsea really bolster their midfield with this Croatian international star.

Mateo Kovačić Signs for Chelsea


Kovačić, like most Real Madrid players, has had a hard time sealing a starting eleven spot. After all, he has the likes of Toni Kroos and Luka Modrić ahead of him. Thus, it is very difficult to secure regular playing time. This is the issue with Galácticos, who can sign the very best players in the game.

However, there are only eleven spaces on the pitch, which means they build an illustrious yet idle bench. Some players are happy to stay and fight for their place. But, players only have a certain amount of patience. No player comes to Real Madrid just to sit and watch the team. Kovačić has made the wise decision to get some minutes to progress in his career.

At Chelsea, Maurizio Sarri has to start from scratch with his squad. If he wishes to implement the kind of tactics he employed at Napoli he needs to have the right players. He is an adaptable midfielder, playing as a number ten at Inter Milan, whilst deeper at Real Madrid. This gives Sarri options and a player who is able to link midfield to attack.

At his most recent club, he carries out more of the dirty work, tackling, intercepting and holding onto the ball. Here, Kovačić complements the prior signing of Jorginho. This is because Jorginho compares himself to a Xavi or Andres Iniesta like figure in the midfield, a playmaker. The Premier League could be hearing a lot about this new partnership of Jorginho and Kovačić.

World Cup

Croatia came so close to everlasting glory in this latest World Cup tournament. Kovačić played in five of the matches. Unfortunately, he was again stuck behind Luka Modrić and also Ivan Rakitic. This reveals one of the motivations behind Kovačić’s move. He wishes to get the playing time for his domestic club in order to secure a place in his country’s first team.

This will be no easy affair, but at Chelsea, he will definitely get more minutes. Indeed, his season-long loan is well chosen since this is one the biggest clubs in England. The Premier League has enough prestige for Kovačić to prove himself to his old club and his nation alike.

Opening the Door

Whilst Kovačić is only playing for Chelsea on loan, this deal may open a door for his transfer into the Premier League permanently. He is a relatively young player at 24 and may relish the challenge of a new country and a new style of football. After all, if Real Madrid are not forthcoming with a first-team spot, this is probably one of the top destinations for the player.

Whether or not he remains at Chelsea will be another matter. Other rivals will pursue his signature if Chelsea haven’t sneaked in a clause to sign him up at the end of the loan. Kovačić could be one of the next stars to grace the league and to boost Chelsea’s dismal finish last season.

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