When a Team From the Golan Played Maccabi Tel Aviv

It was a true David and Goliath contest when a team from the Golan played Maccabi Tel Aviv. This was in the Israel State Cup and was played at the Netanya stadium in early January.

When a Team From the Golan Played Maccabi Tel Aviv

Founded in 2015

‘David’ was represented by the club Bnei MMBE, who were only founded in 2015. Based in the controversial Golan Heights, they take their name from the initials of four Druze villages in that region. They are known as ‘Mamba’ or the ‘sons of the Golan and the Galilee’ and play in the fourth tier of the Israeli league system. This game was their Cup Final, so over 1,000 fans travelled from the Golan region to watch them compete against the famous Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Against the Most Famous Club in the Country

Maccabi Tel Aviv are the most renowned and successful football club in Israel. They were founded well over 100 years before their opposition. As multiple cup and league winners they were the big favourites.

The game began with Maccabi on top, but Bnei MMBE successfully negotiated the first half without conceding. Every block and save was cheered wildly by the visiting fans. However, after holding out for seventy minutes, their resistance was finally broken and Maccabi scored three quick goals, including a strike from American Aaron Schoenfeld.

Not Following the Script

When a football team from the Golan played Maccabi Tel Aviv, unlike in the Bible, Goliath beat David. But when the final whistle blew, the visiting fans gave their team a great ovation. There had been no happy ending. But those that had journeyed from the Golan had seen a very spirited effort by the underdogs. However, ultimately it was Maccabi Tel Aviv who would progress to the next round of the State Cup. 

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