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Miami Heat: Three Trade Ideas

The Miami Heat are ultra-competitive, but making a trade may push them over the edge to being an even more legitimate contender. Miami has been great over the past couple of regular seasons, but have fallen short come playoff time. They made the NBA Finals in 2020 and the Eastern Conference Finals this past season, but the team needs one more splash to hit the upper echelon of their conference. Rivals such as the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers added more pieces, while the Milwaukee Bucks remain a major threat.

Miami Heat: Three Trade Ideas

Trade One: a Big Fish

Miami Heat receive Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris.

Brooklyn Nets receive Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, Nikola Jovic, and Miami’s 2023 first-round pick.

A lot of Brooklyn talk has been centered around Kevin Durant and his potential trade packages. That makes sense, but Irving is another star who looks to want out. The Los Angeles Lakers have been seen as a likely suitor, but Irving improves the Heat as well.

Lowry’s injury and diminishing play in the playoffs hurt Miami. Irving had his own issues last season, but there remains no doubt that he’s one of the league’s elite guards when he’s playing. Combining him with Jimmy ButlerBam Adebayo, and Tyler Herro, among others, creates a fantastic offense for the Heat. Harris was injured last season, but he’s also a terrific shooter. Robinson was out of the rotation in the playoffs, and that isn’t likely to happen to Harris.

It’s understandable that Irving’s market is likely off due to him rarely playing last season and publicly wanting out of Brooklyn. This is a decent haul for the Nets, however. First off, Lowry is still a strong contributor and keeps Brooklyn relevant. Should they decide to rebuild, Lowry is an attractive asset. Robinson is younger than Harris and also brings elite three-point shooting. Jovic holds plenty of tantalizing potential as a rookie as well. Finally, the Nets also get an added asset in a first-round pick.

Trade Two: a Smaller but Important Move

Miami Heat receive Eric Gordon.

Houston Rockets receive Duncan Robinson and a future second-round pick.

The Heat should be going all in for a title. Adding a veteran like Gordon helps the cause. He’s on a rebuilding team and could very well welcome the opportunity to join a contender.

Gordon only averaged 13 points per game last season, but the Rockets’ season was a full-on tank job. Previous seasons, where Gordon typically averaged 17+ points per game, are a better indicator of his talent. He can create his own shots, shoot well from deep, and bring in tough perimeter defense. He’s a great addition to Miami and can either or start or come off the bench should Herro be given the keys to the starting line-up.

Robinson brings shooting to the young Rockets core. It’s unlikely that Houston makes a playoff run this next season, but Robinson can still contribute. In addition, the spacing he brings will allow for more output on offense for the Rockets’ young and growing guards.

Trade Three: Another Simple Swap

Miami Heat receive Bojan Bogdanovic.

Utah Jazz receive Duncan Robinson and Miami’s 2023 first-round pick. 

Bogdanovic would be a terrific weapon for the Heat. Last season he averaged 18 points and four rebounds per game for the Jazz. In his three-year stint thus far in Utah, Bogdanovic has never shot below roughly 39 percent from three either. He’s definitely known as a flamethrower shooter, but Bogdanovic can score in a variety of ways as well, including post-moves and fadeaways. In addition, Bogdanovic is actually a solid defender too.

Utah looks to be heading towards a rebuild after trading Rudy Gobert and making Donovan Mitchell available. It would be no surprise to see Bogdanovic want to head to a contender. Utah gets another strong shooter in Robinson, but with a longer contract. The Jazz do this deal to add another first-round pick to their treasure chest.


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