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Los Angeles Clippers add John Wall
Michael Hanich - Jul 6, 2022

Year four of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George-led Los Angeles Clippers is set to raise the pressure for an NBA Finals title to an all-time. The Clippers looked to use this off-season to return the entire team full of devoted veterans and talented playmakers from last season. The Clippers were able to return all […]

Wyatt Carlson - May 20, 2022

Chris Paul has been seen as a generational winner throughout his career. He’s a true culture changer as he has given 4 teams their best records of all time. He has given the best winning seasons to the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets, and most noticeably, the LA Clippers. When Paul joined the […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - May 18, 2022

After failing to make the playoffs this season, the LA Clippers should look into trades to bolster their roster for next season. Injuries, of course, played a major part in the Clippers missing the playoffs. Assuming they’re healthy next season, the team will be considered a playoff contender. With that being said, there are a […]

Rudy Gobert potential offseason move for LA Clippers
Jon Lee - May 15, 2022

It’s May and Clippers basketball is a long way away. The long wait feels eternal as teams remaining in the playoffs battle for the title. Meanwhile, Clipper fans are forced to root for teams they despised just a season ago. But with no basketball in LA, the churns of trade machines and machinations of jersey […]

Jon Lee - May 5, 2022

One of the biggest priorities for the Los Angeles Clippers is complete. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that forward Robert Covington agrees to a two-year, $24M extension with the club. Covington arrived in a mid-season trade from the Portland Trail Blazers along with Norman Powell. Covington Agrees to Extension with LA Initially seen as a […]

Jon Lee - Apr 22, 2022

A void at point guard was conceived following the Clippers’ mid-season trade with the Portland Trail Blazers. Eric Bledsoe’s departure led to more minutes for Terance Mann. Mann did a solid job and saw growth as the ball was placed in his hands. But the Clippers still looked like they needed a true point guard […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Apr 22, 2022

NBA trades are always an effective way to quickly improve teams. Recent examples include Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns, Jrue Holiday to the Milwaukee Bucks, Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, and more. These are major examples, but there are always smaller deals that can be made as well. Teams that made the play-in tournament are showing an upward […]

Jon Lee - Apr 15, 2022

The last game of the western conference play-in tournament just got a major shakeup. The bout to decide the eighth seed between the New Orleans Pelicans and LA Clippers took a left turn when star forward Paul George was placed into health and safety protocols. Per Farbod Esnaashari of Sports Illustrated, George felt symptoms and […]

Jon Lee - Apr 10, 2022

It’s official, the LA Clippers will face the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Play-In tournament. The Clippers need to knock out Minnesota on the road in order to secure their playoff participation. It is no easy task, however. The Timberwolves currently lead the league in points per game, pace, and possessions. In addition, they face a […]

Jon Lee - Apr 3, 2022

The Clippers were struggling and seemingly losing steam in their past few games. Only accounting for two wins in their past ten contests, the team needed a boost. And boy, did they get one. On March 29th, All-NBA forward Paul George returned for the first time in over 40 games. Paul George’s return did more […]

LA Clippers await return of Paul George
Jon Lee - Mar 27, 2022

The LA Clippers dropped their fifth straight game against the Philadelphia 76ers and fell to a 36-39 record. Though they are (seemingly?) locked into the 8th seed, there is a glimpse of optimism. Recently, forward Paul George participated in practice. Marking his first action since his initial elbow injury in December. Norman Powell is also […]

Jonah Freelander - Mar 22, 2022

We’re inching closer to the NBA postseason and the second NBA play-in tournament. With March Madness upon us, we become captivated by the chance of shocking upsets in a single-elimination format. Despite the long odds of a 15-seeded St Peter’s defeating a second-seed Kentucky, we tune in to watch. And when the near-impossible happens, we’re […]

Jon Lee - Mar 20, 2022

This season, the LA Clippers saw multiple role players step up in the absence of their stars. From Amir Coffey to Luke Kennard, the list goes on. But ever since his 39-point performance in the series-clinching game against the Utah Jazz, expectations have been high for Terance Mann. From a big picture perspective, his numbers […]

Jon Lee - Mar 13, 2022

The season is dwindling down and teams are trying to peak in time for the playoffs. For the Clippers, their peak is not clear cut as they are clearly depleted in terms of roster availability. Though most of the main rotation players have been available (sans stars), the Clippers navigating the end of the season […]

Jon Lee - Mar 6, 2022

Under 20 games remain in the season and somehow the Clippers have their head above water. After sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the fourth installment of the Battle of LA, the Clippers moved on to a 34-31 record. Even more impressive is that the team is doing this with no games played by Kawhi […]

Jon Lee - Feb 27, 2022

February 25th was circled on the calendar for everyone associated with the LA Clippers. Paul George’s MRI on his right elbow was anticipated to be a positive day. Unfortunately, the results were not good enough to start the ramp-up period that TNT’s Chris Haynes reported would happen if the MRI came back clean. “He’s feeling […]

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Dylan Guest, Editor - Feb 27, 2022

The 2022 NBA rookies class features plenty of big names that were selected early such as Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith, and others. Of course, there are high expectations for these players. There are a number of players who got drafted later, however, who can start to shine early on in their careers and surprise their own […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Feb 27, 2022

Possible Kevin Durant trade ideas are running amok. Many are centered around the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat, as those are reportedly Durant’s ideal landing spots. With that being said, there are other teams that can offer instant championship contention to Durant as well. Two Unexpected Kevin Durant Trade Ideas Mile High City The Denver Nuggets […]

Lester Mondragon - Feb 27, 2022

What now Warriors? NBA teams are scrambling for a stronger roster to set their teams in a showdown against the best ball club of the 2021-2022 season. One of the Dubs’ responses is the recruitment of a youngster in Patrick Baldwin Jr: Potent reinforcement of the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs chose Baldwin with the […]

Joe Beasley - Feb 27, 2022

Devin Booker was chosen as the cover athlete for this year’s installment of NBA 2K. Booker is coming off the best season of his career. The 25-year old Booker set career highs in points per game (26.8), rebound per game (5.0) and just complete his first season in which he average more than one steal […]

Michael Love - Feb 27, 2022

T.J. Warren signed with the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday. The two sides agreed to a one-year contract. T.J. Warren Signs With the Brooklyn Nets  Warren has suffered through a lengthy injury recovery the past two seasons and will need to rebuild his value. He was originally drafted with the 14th pick in the first round […]

Orange Gildersleeve - Feb 27, 2022

Bruce Brown signed with the Denver Nuggets on Friday. The two sides agreed to a 2-year contract worth $13.2 million, or $6.6 million per season. This contract ties him down through the 2023-24 season. Bruce Brown Signs With the Denver Nuggets The Nuggets Sign Bruce Brown Over his four-year NBA career, Bruce Brown has played […]

Orange Gildersleeve - Feb 27, 2022

Donte DiVincenzo signed with the Golden State Warriors Friday. The two sides agreed to a two-year contract worth $9.3 million, or $4.65 million per season. This contract ties him down through the 2023-24 season. Donte DiVincenzo Signs With the Golden State Warriors The Warri0rs Sign Donte DiVincenzo Over his four year NBA career, DiVincenzo has […]

Orange Gildersleeve - Feb 27, 2022

Ricky Rubio signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday. The two sides agreed to a 3-year contract worth $18 million, or $6 million per season. This contract ties him down through the 2024-2025 season. Ricky Rubio Signs With the Cleveland Cavaliers Over his 11-year NBA career, Rubio has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, […]