Dallas Mavericks

Dylan Guest, Editor - Oct 13, 2022

The action never seems to seize in basketball and the NBA 2022 offseason was yet another example, especially when it came to trades. Major players swapped squads, greatly improving their new teams as well as their own personal outlooks. Take a look at the top five trades thus far. NBA 2022 Offseason: Top Five Trades […]

NBA MVP Predictions
Dylan Guest, Editor - Sep 15, 2022

The NBA MVP race this coming season will be as competitive as ever. Major moves have been made this offseason, and it may be safe to say that those will be on hold for the time being. In addition, injured superstars are also making their return this coming season. With the season only a month […]

NBA Arena
Drew Crabtree, Editor - Sep 10, 2022

The NBA boasts teams throughout the largest cities in the United States and even in Toronto, Canada. This, of course, allows for the limitless potential for exciting live viewing experiences. In total there are 29 NBA arenas, but below are the top five in terms of the best experiences. Top Five NBA Arena Experiences 5. […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Sep 8, 2022

The Dallas Mavericks‘ backcourt is thin after Jalen Brunson‘s departure to the New York Knicks. Luka Doncic is the star and an MVP candidate. Spencer Dinwiddie, however, is now vaulted into the starting five. This leaves the Dallas bench options at point guard as Frank Ntilikina and rookie Jaden Hardy. Although the Mavericks can help replace Brunson’s scoring with the early […]

Dallas Mavericks Roster
Dylan Guest, Editor - Aug 24, 2022

The Dallas Mavericks still have an open 15th roster spot. Many thought they were looking to get involved in the aftermath of a potential Kevin Durant blockbuster from the Brooklyn Nets, but that looks to be out of the spectrum of possibilities now. Of course, there are other potential major trades that Dallas can be involved in, […]

Ariel Plevan - Aug 24, 2022

On one fateful day in 2018, the Atlanta Hawks used their third overall pick to draft Luka Doncic. But the oddity in this selection was that the Hawks had no intention of keeping him. They did, however, intend on trading him to the Dallas Mavericks. In return, the Hawks would receive Trae Young, a player […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Aug 15, 2022

The NBA boasts teams throughout the largest cities in the United States and even in Toronto, Canada. This, of course, allows for the limitless potential for exciting live viewing experiences. In total there are 29 NBA arenas, but below are the top five in terms of the best experiences. Top Five NBA Arena Experiences 5. […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Aug 10, 2022

Patrick Beverley of the Utah Jazz is a perfect fit for the Dallas Mavericks. Now, of course, it hasn’t been said that Beverley is necessarily available after arriving in Utah in the Rudy Gobert trade. With that being said, it seems as if the Jazz are nearing a rebuild, especially if a Donovan Mitchell trade is in the […]

LeBron James Free Agency
Dylan Guest, Editor - Aug 3, 2022

It may be too early for this kind of exercise, but impending free agency, even a year down the line, for a star like LeBron James is always a major deal. He changed the scope of free agency with The Decision in 2010, and 2023 could be his last big move. James will turn 38 years old during next […]

As the entire NBA universe waits for Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant trades that may never come, it’s time to take stock of the flurry of activity that defined the past two weeks of the NBA offseason. We’ve previously discussed the biggest winners of the NBA’s free agency period. Now, we move on to the […]

Dallas Mavericks Carmelo Anthony
Dylan Guest, Editor - Jul 25, 2022

The Dallas Mavericks have an open roster spot, and a veteran like Carmelo Anthony is still available. Anthony spent last season with the Los Angeles Lakers and actually played quite well. He’s well beyond his years of stardom with the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks, but Anthony can still offer plenty to the Mavericks. Carmelo Anthony […]

Luka Doncic MVP
Dylan Guest, Editor - Jul 22, 2022

Luka Doncic has already appeared in MVP voting numbers. This next season, however, presents a clear path to the coveted award for the Slovenian sensation. His previous play certainly shows he’s capable of being the recipient of the illustrious MVP award, and he’s set to lead the Dallas Mavericks once again this season. The Luka Doncic […]

NBA Trades
Dylan Guest, Editor - Jul 18, 2022

Free agency has come to a standstill for the most part, with the majority of free agents already making their decisions. Of course, the NBA Draft has passed on as well. NBA trades are all the rage now as we all know the league never sleeps. Teams are always looking to improve, especially those that […]

With NBA free agency starting to wrap up there are a few quality players that have yet to be signed. One of the biggest names in this bunch is Collin Sexton of the Cleveland Cavaliers. With multiple teams in need of his skill set, here are a few teams that should take a second look […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Jul 9, 2022

NBA free agency has been swinging over the several days. Plenty of big moves got the headlines, such as Jalen Brunson signing with the New York Knicks. Then other stories exploded, such as the massive extensions handed out to stars, the Kevin Durant trade saga, and other major completed trades such as Rudy Gobert heading to the Minnesota Timberwolves. With all […]

Dylan Guest, Editor - Jul 9, 2022

Dennis Schroder remains an NBA free agent as he’s currently participating in EuroBasket 2022 with Germany. There’s no doubt that the 28-year-old remains a very solid talent, and surely plenty of teams will be clamoring for his signature soon. Before being traded to the Houston Rockets last season, Schroder averaged about 14 points and four assists […]

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Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers with a frustrating start to his season.
Jon Lee - Jul 9, 2022

The 2022-23 NBA campaign is about 25 percent finished. Among the surprises and disappointments around the league, the LA Clippers fall in the middle. As it currently stands, the Clippers hold the eighth seed at 11-9. It’s not the worst outcome, considering they are only two games behind first. However, some thought that the Clippers […]

The Utah Jazz have been a trending team on the rise early in the NBA season. This Western Conference darling has even been listed as potential trade deadline buyers after a hot start. Now, after losing five of their last seven, are the Jazz falling back to earth? Are the Utah Jazz Legitimate Contenders? Exceeding […]

Jordan Pagkalinawan - Jul 9, 2022

When the offseason rolled around, many Lakers fans expected the team to go after big names despite limited cap space.  They were looking forward to welcoming an established role-player to the purple and gold via the Mid-Level Exception.  So it was quite a shocker when Shams tweeted this an hour into free agency: Free agent […]

Jon Lee - Jul 9, 2022

After missing over three weeks with knee stiffness, the LA Clippers’ superstar returned to the floor. In his 24 minutes, he notched six points, five rebounds, and four assists. Though the numbers are not eye-popping, he was a plus-26 on the court. Although he will not look like himself for a bit, everyone must be […]

Even though we are only just about a week and a half into the 2022-2023 college basketball season and even though there hasn’t been a ton of big-time games, we still have a lot of exciting storylines. Some teams have looked really good and some have looked unexpectedly awful. Here are some early observations in […]

de'aaron fox team USA basketball
Elaine Blum - Jul 9, 2022

Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox was the fifth overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. He entered the league with high expectations all around him and what kind of player he could become. His entire career, Fox has been averaging double-digit scoring numbers and over 20 points ever since the 2019-20 season. His best […]

Stephen A. Smith recently said on ESPN that he thinks that the Los Angeles Lakers should trade LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Some may find the idea of trading away the second best player of all-time as well as one of the best current players in the world an absurd notion. But I 100% agree […]

Donald Stewart - Jul 9, 2022

The New York Knicks were served a brutal reminder last Sunday from Donovan Mitchell, the new star of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mitchell destroyed the Knicks on his way to 38 points and a season-high 12 assists, in the Cavs 121-108 victory. Not only did the Knicks pass on drafting him in 2017; but they also […]