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Cleveland Spiders

The Lovable Cleveland Spiders

The Lovable Cleveland Spiders Lovable Losers It is human nature to want the best. And why not? What is wrong with striving to get to the top? Absolutely nothing. But, there is something to be said for being the worst. There is a certain lovable quality to hanging around at the bottom. The Ford Pinto, […] READ MORE


No One Expected the Orioles To Be Competing

No One Expected Orioles to Compete With less than a quarter of the season left, no one expected the Baltimore Orioles to be competing for a playoff spot. Getting swept by the New York Yankees last weekend didn’t help their chances. However, although unlikely, an Oriole winning streak and a Yankee or a Toronto Blue […] READ MORE

West Ham

West Ham United and the Continuous Sapping of Optimism in East London

There have been so many reasons why football in its current Covid-laced state – without fans – is a bit bland. There’s no real atmosphere – however much they pump in fake crowd noise – to aid a sterile game and augment a great one. There’s no roar, yell, or rally cry after a fourth […] READ MORE

vancouver canucks potential moves

Vancouver Canucks Potential Moves

The Vancouver Canucks potential moves are going to be influenced this year, more than in any other, by cash. Teams all through the NHL are feeling the hit from the novel coronavirus, and it’s going to show in deals and signings big and small. Vancouver Canucks Potential Moves A Book Balancing Act NHL owners who […] READ MORE

Why the Ottawa Senators Shouldn’t Go After Matt Murray

The Ottawa Senators will be a very busy team this offseason. Over half of their forwards need new contracts, a mix of UFA and RFa’s alike. However, they also have a ton of draft capital, more quality than anyone in the league. With that, it’d make sense for them to at least see what the […] READ MORE

Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole Finding Rhythm With Familiar Face Behind the Plate

Although the adage from baseball players is that they are simply playing a kids’ game, it is still their job. Like any job, one day at work can make or break a player’s mood, depending on how work goes. As a smile spread across the face of Gerrit Cole throughout his post-game Zoom press conference, […] READ MORE

Diamondbacks Trades

Arizona Diamondbacks 2020 Trades and Releases: Before and After

Diamondbacks 2020 Trades and Releases: Before and After The 2020 season has been a disappointment for the Arizona Diamondbacks and their fans – and that’s putting it mildly. There were rightfully lofty expectations going in, but the team struggled out of the gate. Any time these types of seasons happen, players leave, either via trade […] READ MORE

Big Ten Returns To Football

Big Ten Returns To Football

Just five weeks after announcing they were “postponing” the 2020 college football season, the Big Ten has reversed course. Wednesday they will announce they are returning this Fall. The proposed start date is October 23rd-24th. School presidents and chancellors had been meeting all weekend reviewing new data from conference medical experts. They will play an […] READ MORE