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Two Unexpected Kevin Durant Trade Ideas

Possible Kevin Durant trade ideas are running amok. Many are centered around the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat, as those are reportedly Durant’s ideal landing spots. With that being said, there are other teams that can offer instant championship contention to Durant as well.

Two Unexpected Kevin Durant Trade Ideas

Mile High City

The Denver Nuggets receive Kevin Durant and Seth Curry.

The Brooklyn Nets receive Michael Porter Jr, Aaron Gordon, Bones Hyland, two first-round picks and two second-round picks. 

For starters, Denver has the reigning MVP (and two-time MVP) Nikola Jokic. In addition, Jamal Murray is set to return. In short, Denver is ready to win a championship. Adding Durant to that mix will only accelerate that. It’s salivating to think about what a Jokic and Durant duo is capable of. In fact, the Nets may have the highest championship odds if a trade of this magnitude were to go down. Curry is also a fantastic shooter to add to this team, and he’ll have endless open looks on this offense. Besides these players, Denver has even more talent in new additions such as Bruce Brown and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Porter Jr holds so much potential and some have even compared his game to Durant in the past. The one thing holding Porter Jr back, however, is injury. He has health concerns, but is fresh off being out for a year. Should Brooklyn trade their stars and hit a short rebuild, Porter Jr will have time to get healthy and improve. Gordon is another starting-worthy talent whereas Hyland shined as a rookie. Hyland can certainly be a starter down the road too. These are all excellent players to add to a team with Ben Simmons and Joe Harris, among others. Then, of course, Brooklyn gets picks as well.

The Hawks Fly High

Atlanta Hawks receive Kevin Durant.

Brooklyn Nets receive John Collins, De’Andre Hunter, AJ Griffin, Jalen Johnson, and a first-round pick. 

This is expensive for the Hawks, but they instantly become a title contender here. Durant will form an incredible “big three” alongside Trae Young and the newly-acquired Dejounte Murray. In addition, the Hawks will still have players such as Clint Capela and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Young provides incredible scoring and playmaking, Murray will be a defensive star who can also score and create, while Durant will get endless buckets. All this while having Bogdanovic off the bench and a major defensive piece in Capela. Atlanta is a serious title threat with this kind of team.

Brooklyn gets a great power forward in Collins. He can certainly be a two-way star and has shown plenty flashes of brilliance. Brooklyn doesn’t have to go into a major rebuild without Durant as the roster has other talent and they only add more in this trade. Hunter has incredible “three-and-d” potential. His second half of last season showed just how good he can be.

Griffin just got drafted. Although he fell to an extent, Griffin would’ve been a top 10 pick if it wasn’t for injury concerns. He can shoot the lights out and will hopefully regain his insane athleticism. Finally, Johnson is a former first-round pick from Duke who also holds potential.


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