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Los Angeles Lakers: Kyrie Irving Trade Ideas

Rumors are swirling surround a possible Los Angeles Lakers Kyrie Irving trade. On paper the deal looks somewhat unlikely from the standpoint of what the Lakers can offer, but these things happen. It’s seems commonplace now to see a player demand a trade to a certain team and find his way there. If both the Lakers and Irving are committed, this deal can happen.

Los Angeles Lakers: Kyrie Irving Trade Ideas

Brooklyn Looks to the Future

Los Angeles Lakers receive Kyrie Irving.

Brooklyn Nets receive Russell Westbrook, James Bouknight, two future Lakers’ first-round picks, and two future Hornets’ second-round picks.

Charlotte Hornets receive Talen Horton-Tucker.

Irving would be fantastic on the Lakers, at least on paper. His rapport with LeBron James is outstanding (at least from the past) and it’s a move that could very well vault the Lakers back into contention. Sure, they have to part with draft picks, but it’s worth doing to give James as much help as possible as long as he’s a Laker. In addition, the Lakers get to move on from Westbrook which seems like something they’re trying to do. Los Angeles needs backcourt help, and there may not be anyone better than Irving who’s “available.”

Brooklyn gets Westbrook here, but it’s mostly a money thing. Westbrook has a massive salary, much more than Irving, and makes money work. He only has one year left on his deal so perhaps he can be rejuvenated in Brooklyn, but if not he’s off the books. The Nets also get Bouknight here, a recent lottery pick. He didn’t see much playing time with Charlotte but that can change on a rebuilding Nets squad. The picks, of course, will come in handy.

Charlotte jumps into the trade to make it work. Horton-Tucker is a solid addition to this team. The Hornets will also need to add a scoring punch due to the uncertainty regarding Miles Bridges‘ future with the team.

If Things Drag On

Los Angeles Lakers receive Kyrie Irving.

Brooklyn Nets receive Talen Horton-Tucker, Doug McDermott, two Lakers first-round picks and one second-round pick.

San Antonio Spurs receive Russell Westbrook.

This is more of a last-ditch effort should the Irving saga drag on with the Lakers being the only possible destination.

Again, the Lakers walk away with Irving here. It’s a steal of a move either way, and the Nets are in a tough situation should Irving only want the Lakers. Irving has a year left in his deal so other teams will be wary of giving up too much for a player who may ultimately leave in the following offseason.

Brooklyn gets Horton-Tucker here, who does still have potential. His career has been intriguing with the Lakers, and more time with the Nets can see him blossom. The Nets also get a scorer in McDermott and decent future picks as well.

Finally, San Antonio, set to rebuild after a major trade, get Westbrook. Maybe he’s a mentor to the young players, or maybe the Spurs flip him in the future. Either way they walk away from McDermott’s contract (Westbrook’s is expiring) without losing much.


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