Los Angeles Lakers Free Agency: Three Point Guard Options

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The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off one of the worst seasons in franchise history. This Lakers team could possibly be the most underachieving team in NBA history. With names like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook, the last thing on anyone’s mind was missing the playoffs. The lottery pick they would have had this year was dealt away in the trade to acquire Davis. There are quite a few people who should get some blame. A player that has drawn the most blame for the lack of success for the Lakers last year was Westbrook. This Lakers free agency is an important because of it.

Westbrook has a $47 million player option that he plans to pick up. The Lakers have little to no money to spend in free agency to address a need they have……point guard. A guy like Jalen Brunson is clearly out of their price range. The Lakers will have to use the mid-level exception to go out and sign a point guard that can fit with Lebron James. There are a few affordable guys out there that can fill that void and make this a successful Lakers free agency.

Los Angeles Lakers Free Agency: Three Point Guard Options

A Former Cameron Crazy With Championship Pedigree

Tyus Jones is a willing passer and can create his own shot in the lane. Jones has one of the best floaters in the NBA. Jones is coming off a season in which he averaged career highs in points per game (8.7) and rebounds per game (2.4). He also shot 39% from three point range and 81% from line; two areas where Westbrook is lacking. Jones played a big part in the success of the Memphis Grizzlies last year went Ja Morant was out due to injury. In his 23 starts last season, Jones put up averages of 12.7 points and 6.6 assists. Those number are ideal for the Lakers if they want Lebron to play off the ball. Another interesting tidbit about Jones, last year, his Assist/TO ratio was 7:1. Jones might’ve played his way out of the Lakers price range, but we’ve seen players take pay cuts before to play with Lebron James.

A Prodigy From Spain

Ricky Rubio was once a YouTube legend, blessing the internet with his crazy passes. Once he was drafted, people thought for sure they were looking at the next great NBA point guard. Things didn’t exactly turn out that way. That doesn’t mean Rubio can’t play the point guard position at a high level because he can. One thing the Lakers have in their favor is the fact that Rubio is coming off a torn ACL. That should drive down his price down a few million. What does Rubio bring to the table? Rubio has incredible court vision, solid enough on defense to guard the perimeter, disrupting passing lanes and an underrated three point shot. Rubio should be one of the favorites for the Lakers to pick up and could be the cheapest option.

“Mini” LeBron James

Eric Bledsoe might end up being the odd man out in Portland. With Damian Lillard returning, the emergence of Anfernee Simons and a $19.4 million dollar cap hit, Bledsoe’s time in Portland will sure coming to an end. Like Rubio, Bledsoe suffered a season ending injury that could drive his cost down. While Bledsoe isn’t the best shooter, he will show up on the defense end.  Bledsoe’s ability to get to the rim is up there with some of the most athletic point guards. While, Bledsoe and Westbrook have a similar play-style, Bledsoe’s game is more controlled than Westbrook’s.