Fresh NBA Debates No One is Talking About (Yet)

It is time to finally settle the Michael Jordan versus LeBron James argument. Kidding. Since that horrid argument has long reached its asymptote, it seems like the perfect time for some fresh, new debate topics in the NBA world. These unique NBA debates will surely make anyone the life of the party and lead to a huge bump in their coolness factor.

Exercise caution when debating these topics so as to not attract too many suitable mates at once.

New NBA Debates that don’t Involve Michael Jordan or LeBron James

The Best (or Worst) Cult Following in the NBA

When debating which player has the best (or worst) cult following in the NBA, there are two options that seem to tower above the rest. Perhaps it is no incident that these players represent the two most prestigious franchises in the history of the league.

First up is Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, commonly referred to as “Smarf” by his followers. His hustle and love for the game transformed him from a questionable pick at sixth overall into an absolute fan favorite. His leadership by example has been the most stable factor of Boston’s success in recent years. He was the glue that held things together throughout the rebuilding process, and now he is reaping the benefits of his patience.

Though Smart has long led one of the most popular cults in basketball, he now has a worthy challenger in Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso. In fact, even major media companies like BleacherReport have hopped on his bandwagon, posting so many memes about him, casual viewers may think he is actually a great player. Like Smart, he is loved for the hustle plays he makes on a daily basis, but he also has a unique trademark: he’s a short-statured, balding white guy. I guess the two of us have something in common, though it definitely isn’t athleticism.

The next time a friend wants to argue James versus Jordan, throw them a curveball and pop the more important question. Who is the true cult king of the NBA?

Most Magnificent Mane

If this question had been posed just a year ago, there’s no doubt Aron Baynes and his man-bun would be the clear-cut favorite. Sadly, though, the man-bun is a thing of the past.  At least there’s still the Aron Baynes Fan Club Twitter account.

Who, then, has the most magnificent mane in the NBA? Jaylen Brown cut his signature flat-top, Elfrid Payton cut…whatever his hairstyle was called, and Dennis Rodman has long been retired.

Perhaps players like Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis could be mentioned with their simple, yet stylish, looks. Steven Adams‘ long locks combined with a stellar beard surely put him in contention. However, his signature look pales in comparison to the more famous Jason Momoa. But then again, competing with Aquaman is a little unfair. Is James Harden in on this competition? His hair/beard combo is as famous as his 67-step non-travel step-back move.

There may be no correct answer, but there are definitely a few wrong answers. This is one competition that LeBron James has no business being mentioned in.

Most Meme-able

A few years ago, JaVale McGee would have been a shoo-in for this award. He is undoubtedly the greatest legend in the history of “Shaqtin a Fool”, but those days seem to be behind him now. Thankfully, YouTube will have his lowlights forever.

The Brooklyn Nets duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving often fall victim to internet comedians due to their “woke” and “snake” personalities. Dwight Howard recently had a run-in with joke-makers when he missed some time due to an injury to his posterior. His alleged infatuation with Kelly Oubre brought a plethora of memes but has long been forgotten.

When considering former players turned “analysts”, the Boston duo of Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins have some takes so horrendous they might as well be jokes. They often end up on the wrong side of online comedy.

However, there is no current front-runner for this title. When the NBA finally returns, they will need a hero. Not on the court, of course, but in the comment section on Twitter. The future of NBA memes is in flux with no true champion. This debate could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy if executed properly. Who will hold this high honor next?

Last Word on NBA Debates

Creativity in the mainstream media seems to be dead. Every day, the airwaves are polluted with the same diluted arguments that have been raging for years now. In fact, some networks like FOX Sports have created entire shows based around hosts that will argue for or against LeBron James as the greatest basketball player to ever live. Every now and again they will venture out and argue about how much money Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys deserves, but only during the dead period after the NBA Finals and before the NFL season.

In a time where the entire world of sports is stopped dead in its tracks, the only things keeping sports fanatics going are dumb, hypothetical debates. Since that is the case, should these NBA debates not then at least be fun and entertaining instead of dull and repetitive? They are ultra-competitive but at the end of the day, sports are about fun, so have fun talking about them until their triumphant return.

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