Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart Holds the Key to the Franchise’s Future


The Boston Celtics decided to keep their core together by giving defensive stalwart Marcus Smart a lucrative extension. The 28-year-old guard received a four-year, $77.1-million deal, keeping him with the franchise until 2026. ESPN Insider Bobby Marks broke down his contract. Here’s the breakdown of the Marcus Smart extension: 💰2022/23- $17.2M💸2023/24- $18.58M💰2024/25- $19.96M💸2025/26- $21.33M The […] READ MORE

The NBA Coaching Carousel


The NBA playoffs are in full swing and so is the NBA coaching carousel. As the Conference Finals come to a close, teams that have been eliminated are busy making moves to get back to the NBA’s promised land. The Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, and Indiana Pacers have hired new head coaches to lead them […] READ MORE

Nets vs. Celtics: NBA Playoffs Recap

Brooklyn’s Big Three proved to be too much for the Boston Celtics as they clinched the victory. Despite their best players having fewer than 20 games on the court together, Brooklyn looked like a well-oiled machine, dismantling the Celtics in five games. Let’s look back at how this Nets-Celtics series played out.  NBA Playoffs Recap: […] READ MORE

Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics

The Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics square off in a first-round battle full of star power. The Nets have been the de facto favorite in the East since trading for James Harden. The Celtics bounced back from a poor end of the regular season to earn the seventh seed in the Play-In tournament. The Celtics […] READ MORE

Eastern Conference Play-In Finale Prediction


The final spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs is up for grabs as the Indiana Pacers head to D.C. to take on the Washington Wizards. Let’s see how each team got here and break it all down in this Eastern Conference Play-In finale prediction. Eastern Conference Play-In Finale Indiana Pacers Indiana won the first play-in […] READ MORE

Washington Wizards: Breaking Down the Trade with Boston and Chicago


The Washington Wizards were one of the major losers at the trade deadline, electing to make deals on the margins without addressing team needs. This sent a clear signal to Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook the franchise is prioritizing the future over the 2020-21 season. Breaking Down the Washington Wizards’ Trades with Boston and Chicago […] READ MORE

Top Five Superstar Trades in NBA History


With the James Harden superstar trade officially done, another blockbuster deal is in the books. Throughout NBA history, trading players of this caliber is a rarity. Especially midseason. Only so many superstars have moved in the NBA’s 75-year history. Today we will be looking at these trades and counting down the five best superstar trades […] READ MORE

Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions


Waiting until the last minute to make some Eastern Conference playoff predictions: procrastination or wanting to gather the most information possible? It’s a bit of both, so with the tip-off for the 2020-21 NBA season, here are my 10 teams, in order, making the playoffs from the East (10 and not 8 because of the […] READ MORE