Golden State Warriors All-Decade Team

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The Golden State Warriors undoubtedly had one of the most impressive teams throughout the 2010s. The decade began with a team in desperate need of star power and ended with an injury-plagued NBA Finals loss. Between this, however, we witnessed one of the greatest dynasties of all-time in not just the NBA, but in sports. This incredible dynasty includes five straight finals appearances, three NBA championship wins, and also finishing the regular season with the best record of all time.

While the Warriors had a couple of years they would have liked to forget, they arguably had the most impressive decade of any NBA team. Players with potential developed into stars and many others joined the team along the way. Just about everything seemed to go right for the Warriors throughout the majority of the decade. As the new decade begins, the Warriors will be attempting to recapture the magic they had throughout the last ten years.

Golden State Warriors All-Decade Team for the 2010s


Guard: Stephen Curry

The easiest player to add to this list by far is point guard Stephen Curry. During the last decade for the Warriors, Curry was arguably a top-three player in all the NBA. He achieved greatness and revolutionized the way the game of basketball is played. It is hard to imagine that the Warriors would have had any of this success without him. His deadeye three-point shooting, prolific passing, and stellar ball-handling helped his team win three NBA championships as well as five straight NBA Finals appearances.

Curry’s strongest years of the decade were undoubtedly 2014-2019. In this time he managed to get selected to six straight NBA All-Star Games and was named to one of the All-NBA teams every year. Perhaps his greatest individual accomplishment was winning back to back NBA MVP awards in 2015 and 2016. What Curry did throughout this decade has just about solidified his spot as a future Hall of Fame inductee.

Guard: Klay Thompson

While everyone knows that Klay Thompson is a good shooter, many don’t know how important Thompson has really been to this team. For starters, Thompson has quite possibly the smoothest shooting stroke of anyone in the NBA. He almost never missed a single open shot throughout the last decade with the team. He developed a chemistry with the team and you could tell the team was off whenever he was off the court.

His impact defensively is often one of the most downplayed aspects of his game. Thompson had the ability to not just contain, but lock down some of the best players in the league. 2015-2019 was really the pinnacle of Thompson’s play throughout the decade. In that span, he was selected to five NBA All-Star Games, was named to the All-NBA Third Team twice, and was named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team for the 2019 season. Thompson was a key piece in all of the Warriors’ triumphs throughout the decade.

Forward: Kevin Durant

While he was hated by many for joining the team back in 2016, there is no denying that Kevin Durant was a huge reason for their success throughout the decade. He came in and immediately meshed with the team. Durant took over games when needed, and took his team to new heights throughout the playoffs. Joining the Warriors gave made the team just about unbeatable which led to back to back NBA Championships for the team.

Durant only played for the Warriors for four seasons, but he made the most of them. In that time he was named to four NBA All-Star Games, one All-NBA First Team, three All-NBA Second Team, and won the NBA Finals MVP award twice. If Durant had not been a member of the Warriors they may not have had such a memorable decade full of victories.

Forward: Draymond Green

Perhaps the most underrated player on this list is forward Draymond Green. Green did a little bit of everything throughout the decade and exemplified what it meant to be a two-way player. He was able to score from all levels of the court and also played top-notch defense. His unselfish brand of basketball was probably the greatest reason the Warriors won their first NBA Championship of the decade.

The strongest years of the decade for Green were definitely 2015-18. In this time frame, he was named to three NBA All-Star Games, was selected to the All-NBA Second Team and All-NBA Third Team, was selected to four All-NBA Defensive Teams, and won the Defensive Player of the Year award back in 2017. While Green’s role diminished slightly at the end of the decade, it is undeniable that he played a large role in the team’s success.

Center: David Lee

If there was one weakness for the Warriors throughout the decade it was definitely Center. The one true exception to this is David Lee. While he wasn’t a member of the team throughout the majority of the team’s championships, he still had multiple impressive seasons with the team. He did contribute to the team’s success in their 2015 NBA Finals victory.

In his five years with the team, Lee was named to the NBA All-Star Game twice and was named to the All-NBA Third Team once. While he might not go down in history as an all-time great, Lee was a very talented big man for the team gave positive contributions in his time here.


Guard: Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis had arguably the best years of his career as a member of the Warriors. While he was only on the team through 2012, his play this decade is hard to forget. He had career highs in points averaging over 24 points per game. Sadly, Ellis was not a member of the Warriors throughout his championship run. However, he still had a couple of very impressive years with the team throughout the decade.

Guard: Shaun Livingston

While his numbers don’t jump off the charts, Shaun Livingston did a lot for the Warriors this decade. As the primary backup for Curry, Livingston had to perform well when his number was called. Livingston definitely did what was needed of him providing quality minutes off the bench. He was a solid defender who could also score in the paint when needed. He was there when needed during his five seasons with the team. While he wasn’t a star for the team, he was still a key player in the team’s run of championships

Forward: Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala is a player who really deserves to be in the list of starters, yet positions didn’t allow this to happen. Iguodala did a lot for this team throughout their championship run, especially on defense. Most notably he won the NBA Finals MVP for his defensive performance against LeBron James. He was also a player they relied on to be there in the clutch. Without Iguodala, it is possible they may not have as many championships as they do. The Warriors would be wise to one day retire his jersey for all that he has done for the franchise.

Forward: Harrison Barnes

While Harrison Barnes was only a Warrior for the beginning of their championship run, he still contributed quality play throughout his time there. He was a quality role player who did a little bit of everything. Barnes was a good shooter who also played solid defense and positively impacted the team. He blossomed as a player here and was able to continue putting up solid numbers once he left.

Center: Andrew Bogut

There is nothing Andrew Bogut did during his time with the Warriors that will jump off the charts. He didn’t really excel in any one area, but he was a very solid player. He was an efficient rebounder who did well defending some of the top centers in the league and played a key role in helping the Warriors win their first NBA Championship. While he won’t be remembered as one of the best Warriors of all time, he did a good job during his time with the team.

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