Jordan Nwora 2020 NBA Draft Profile

LWOS series on potential college basketball picks continues with one of ACC’s best players. Jordan Nwora exploded onto the scene two years ago, resulting in a similar jump up draft boards.

Jordan Nwora 2020 NBA Draft Profile

College Career

Jordan Nwora is a junior forward out of Buffalo, New York. In his freshman year, Nwora was a solid player, but nothing more than a role player. That all changed the second Chris Mack stepped onto campus. Nwora turned into a star in his sophomore season, which continued throughout his junior year. 

Nwora averaged 13.9 points and 6.0 rebounds for his career. Ignoring his freshman year, where he only played 12 minutes per game, Nwora averaged 17.5 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. These numbers were good enough to make him a two time First Team All-ACC player and the Most Improved Player in the ACC last season.


There is no doubt Nwora’s greatest strength is his shooting ability. Nwora is a knockdown shooter off the bounce or in spot-up situations. He shot 39 percent from three averaging more than six threes per game while playing for the Cardinals. He is definitely a better spot-up shooter than anything, but he can score off the dribble well enough. Nwora’s true shooting percentage is 55 percent for his career, which is impressive for a go-to guy on relatively poor offensive teams. 

Nwora is 6’7 with a long wingspan. Adding his physical attribute to his guard-like abilities makes him a dangerous wing. His handle is above average and he has a quick first step. This helps Nwora create his own shot and beat defenders off the dribble. 

Obviously, the main difference from the NBA to the NCAA is spacing. In the NBA, players have a lot more space to function and isolate defenders. Nwora’s skills lead to him being a better NBA player than college.  


Nwora has great length, as mentioned, however, he could be a better defender. His body gives him the tools to be bothersome on defense. While his numbers were good in college, he was hidden on good overall defensive teams. He can be a very good 3-and-D wing in the NBA, but he has to use his skills. Most of it will come from giving a consistent effort. Some of this concern is about his fit. He is going to play a lot at the three-spot, but he is thin and bigger wings can have their way with him so putting on weight is important. 

Jordan Nwora disappeared in some bigger games this season which was concerning. Yes, he was the focal point of every team’s defense, but he cannot be putting up eggs. Some of the struggles with Nwora come from his poor shot selection and turnovers. These things go hand in hand. Nwora relied on his jump shot too frequently, taking heavily contested jumpers which often turn to run-outs for opponents. He also forces the issue when he is not in rhythm, leading to several turnovers. Both aspects need to be cleaned up.

NBA Player Comparison

T.J. Warren. A solid 3-and-D wing that can handle the ball and do it all. Nwora will not be a star in the NBA, but he will be a solid role player on good teams, just like Warren. He should have a long NBA career, as long as he can commit to not being the primary option.

NBA Draft Projection

Late first round.


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