March Madness Best Futures Bets

March Madness is officially here with the full bracket released yesterday. You can find our full reaction to the field here. With the bracket now finalized, it is time to comb through all the matchups and regions and find some value. One of the fun ways to watch March Madness if you are not a […] READ MORE

Duke Basketball Has A Leadership Problem

The Duke basketball team just wrapped up a second-place finish in the ACC Tournament. Usually, that would be nothing to be ashamed about. However, this Duke team stumbled into Selection Sunday where they likely earned a low two, or high three seed. Sure, their record of 2-2 over the last seven days is not bad, […] READ MORE

Joe Wieskamp 2021 NBA Draft Profile


Joe Wieskamp spent a lot of time getting buckets for the Iowa Hawkeyes. He really flourished as a Big Ten wing and helped his team to heights they have not been in forever. Now, Wieskamp turns his sights to the 2021 NBA Draft. He has a good chance to carve out a solid role in […] READ MORE

Jericho Sims 2021 NBA Draft Profile


Jericho Sims spent four seasons in Austin as a solid center for the Texas Longhorns. He is continuing the tradition of athletic bigs to enter the NBA looking to make some noise after performing as a Longhorn. Sims stacks up nicely in today’s NBA. Jericho Sims 2021 NBA Draft Profile College Career Sims graduated from […] READ MORE