Coast 2 Coast Podcast Episode #32: Cleveland Cavaliers Future

With the NBA Draft in the rear-view mirror and free agency quickly approaching, Austin is joined by a couple of friends, Noah and James, for a tangent-filled show. They begin their discussion with the Cleveland Cavaliers as both guests are Cavs supporters. They ponder what the Cavaliers can do to adjust to the new Golden State Warriors machine. Would Paul George shift the landscape enough to bring an NBA title back East? What would Cleveland’s future look like if LeBron James decides to hop over to Los Angeles? Other names such as Carmelo Anthony and Rudy Gay are brought up as possible acquisitions for the Cavs, who continue to search for any possible solution.

After that, the group delves into a trio of fascinating historic NBA questions. Topics include the never-ending LeBron James-Michael Jordan conversation, as well as their top five point guards in NBA history. The two Cavs fans settle on Stephen Curry as the second best point guard of all time already. They also talk about Hakeem Olajuwon versus Shaquille O’Neal and who would be better suited for today’s NBA.

Coast 2 Coast Podcast Episode #32: Cleveland Cavaliers Future

Austin Cracraft and Dante Guarneri discuss everything from the wide world of the NBA, whether it be the latest update from a Banana Boat or a legend being thrown out of the Garden.

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Austin is a Staff Writer and Podcast Host/Producer at Last Word On Sports. He currently attends the University of Oregon and enjoys watching, talking about, and playing sports. He is a shameless Colorado Buffaloes and Oregon Ducks fan.

Austin’s friend Noah is a student at Northern Colorado University and staunch Cleveland Cavaliers supporter.

Austin’s friend James is a student at the University of Colorado and has long been a huge LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony fan.


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