Billy McLean: MLB’s First Professional Umpire


The word umpire was initially used in legal matters. The original umpire was someone who had the authority to settle disputes between two parties. Think judge not “yer out!” Then in the 17th century, it was used for the first time in a gaming sense, but not in association with baseball. In this case, it […] READ MORE

Ejection Inspection, Week Eight: Mike Shildt Tossed after Pitcher Is Asked to Change His Hat

Ejection Inspection, Week Eight: Mike Shildt Dumped after Pitcher Is Asked to Change His Hat Welcome to Week Eight of Ejection Inspection! The premise and ground rules are detailed here. The condensed version: each ejection from the previous week (Thursday through Wednesday) is listed in a table. The author – a former player/coach/umpire – analyzes […] READ MORE

Joe West Set to Break Umpiring Record


MLB Umpire Joe West has been in the league since 1976. Since entering the league that year, West has umpired 5,375 games in his MLB career. On Tuesday, May 25th, Joe West will umpire his 5,376th career game. This will break an 80-year-old record and give Cowboy Joe the most umpired games in baseball history. […] READ MORE

MLB Umpire Eric Cooper Dies at 52


Eric Cooper, a veteran MLB umpire with 20 years of experience, has died at age 52. Cooper worked the AL Division Series between the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins two weeks ago. Cooper died after having a blood clot. He had knee surgery earlier in the week and was recuperating at his father’s home in […] READ MORE