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Potential Miami Marlins All Stars

As the days of summer are heating up, and baseball is getting more attention, we are nearing the All-Star break. The All-Star break contains the only two days of the year when no sporting events occur. To the dismay of many, including this writer, these two days are not fun. However, we do still get a whole lot of fun during the break! Who doesn’t love the Home Run Derby? And who doesn’t love predicting potential Miami Marlins All-Stars?

The Miami Marlins have had a pleasant start to this season, better than many expected. They have a few players in All-Star contention. With one big name, who almost everyone expects, and maybe some surprises!

Potential Miami Marlins All-Stars

Luis Arráez, Second Baseman

Arráez has been catching many MLB fans’ eyes this year. While last year, the hardcore fan could tell you who this contact-hitting second baseman was, this year he has gotten the national attention he so deserves. He won the batting title last season, but no one really noticed because of Aaron Judge’s AL record-breaking season. This year as a member of the Miami Marlins, in thanks to the Minnesota Twins for sending him their way, he is grabbing the national media’s attention.

How good has Arráez been? Well, he is currently hitting a nice .403 on the season. He also only has 11 strikeouts at the time of this writing. He has more walks than strikeouts. That does not happen very often. What he lacks in power he makes up for with contact hitting. He is almost a lock to be an NL All-Star this season.

Jorge Soler, Designated Hitter

Perhaps this is more wishful thinking. The Miami Marlins signed Soler to a large contract last year. He was quite bad in the 2022 season. Some even questioned if Soler should even be with the team anymore. The Marlins stuck with him and gave him a second chance to prove himself.

Soler started this season with a hot bat. The slugger currently leads the team in home runs with 17. He also leads the team in RBI as well. Soler has provided the offense that this team has desperately needed. Arráez has been the contact and consistency, and Soler has brought the power with him. These two make a very deadly combination. The only thing that hurts Soler is his batting average. He is willing to strike out more often if it means more home runs. His BA is currently .242. When he is leading your team in home runs, however,  you’re willing to live with that.

A.J. Puk, Reliever

I recently talked about how Puk was able to revive his career as a whole. However, his recent injury has damaged his chances of being elected an All-Star. This truly is unfortunate because he has been the unexpected hero of a bad bullpen. Here is to us hoping that Puk will return and be better and continue his great season. He is 3-1 on the season with a 2.87 ERA as a relief pitcher. Barring any setbacks or injuries, he will make his case as an All-Star.

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Luis Arraez, Aaron Judge, Jorge Soler, A.J. Puk


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