Jordan Lawlar 2021 MLB Draft Profile

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Jordan Lawlar is one of two top high schoolers in this Draft class. Lawlar has the tools and power potential to become an elite shortstop at the major league level. He’s a polished hitter who shows patience at the plate and displays an incredible arm on defense. There aren’t many weaknesses in his game and proving why he is the best high school player in the country. Since the 2021 MLB Draft does not yet have a valid first overall pick as seen in recent years, the Vanderbilt recruit is moving in that direction. Lawlar will be a top-five pick.

Jordan Lawlar Draft Profile

Scouting Grades: Hit: 60, Power: 55, Run: 60, Arm: 60, Field: 55, Overall: 60


Lawlar offers a variety of exciting tools that are above average. The 6-foot-2 shortstop has the best hit tool in this year’s class because of his mechanics in a short, compact swing. In three seasons at Jesuit Prep, his slash line is .430/.793/.547. During his senior season, he had 40 hits, five doubles, four triples and led the team with six home runs and 37 RBI.

His approach at the plate is something else, using the entire field with such ease and finding barrels. Lawlar’s plate discipline continues to advance that he cannot strike out much while working walks at a Plus rate. With his knack for hitting, his speed will play well on the bases and in the field. Lawlar went 32-for-32 in stolen base attempts throughout his last season of high school. On defense, he makes all the plays with his accurate arm and good footwork.


Like most 18-year-olds, Lawlar will need to improve on his defensive consistency. But one weakness that stands out the most is his fielding. It’s something he will need to work on once he’s at the college level. Even though he has a solid range with arm strength and accuracy, Lawlar’s overall .893 fielding percentage in three seasons is not surprising for a high schooler. But, his errors have decreased, only committing 13 in his sophomore season to just three in his senior year. He’ll be 19 once the draft begins and hasn’t faced strong competition this spring to raise confidence in how he’ll adjust to pro hitting.

MLB Comparison

From an offensive standpoint, we can draw Lawlar comparisons to Carlos Correa. However, as an overall player, Lawlar draws comparisons to Bobby Witt Jr., the Kansas City Royals’ top draft pick from 2019. One difference between both players is that Lawlar is a more polished hitter than Witt Jr. at the same stage. Lawlar is a better overall athlete with better pure tools than his counterpart. With his bat speed and strength in his big frame, Lawlar should have no problem developing more power at the plate. He also has the chance to become a plus defender with more consistency on routine plays.




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