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Brady House 2021 MLB Draft Profile

Brady House

Some of the biggest stars in baseball history have come via the MLB Draft. This year will be no exception. Crystal balls tend to become valuable commodities during this period. Fans everywhere contemplate what could be. High school and college players do the same. For Georgia high school shortstop Brady House, that future may be written this season. ranks him as the eighth-best draft prospect. Considering this rank, he could wind up with the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, or Arizona Diamondbacks. He may not go in the top three, however a team that has struggled in the past could definitely benefit from his talents. Let’s dive in and see why.


The first thing that stands out about Brady House is just how solid his offense is. Over three years of varsity ball, he hit .524 with 131 hits overall. However, his power numbers are what’s truly promising. In 79 games, he crushed 27 doubles and 17 homers. These reflect the above average grade of 60 given to him in this area.

His speed, while not quite as impressive, is still a major strength for him. He went a perfect 21/21 in stolen base attempts last season. His arm has also been given a solid grade (60). That being said, House’s biggest advantage is in his ability to hit and run. Given the offensive struggles of teams like the Orioles, he could play a major role when he gets to the big leagues.


When it comes to House’s weaknesses, they all lie in his swing. This is especially true in recent performances. According to, House underperformed while playing in the World Wood Bat Association last summer. However, he quickly made some improvements and hit .467 (7-15) in their World Championship. If he can continue to progress at the plate and learn to be a smarter hitter, he could have a long career. Other than that, everything else seems to be good to great about him. He simply needs to think about his approach at the plate a bit more.

MLB Player Comparison

A lot of scouts are comparing House to Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo. However, upon further examination, this writer draws a different conclusion. House is showing a lot of parallels with Atlanta Braves third baseman Austin Riley. When Riley first appeared in the big leagues, he torched opposing pitchers. In fact, he was so good that he hit 10 homers in his first 26 games. Then, he began to show holes in his swing which the opposition took massive advantage of. His average tumbled, as did his power. However, this season, he’s adjusted and is much more selective at the plate.

Much like Riley, House seems to be a little overly aggressive at the plate at times. His senior year of high school does not reflect this. He only struck out nine times in 31 games. However, as his career has progressed, these holes have appeared. Fortunately, he is young and has plenty of time to make adjustments before hitting the majors. If he can do so, he has all the makings of a future offensive superstar.

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