New Home Run Record: Jonathan Villar of the Baltimore Orioles Hits His Way into History

Jonathan Villar

Jonathan Villar Makes History

The day after the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the National League West, an incredible feat happened at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Jonathan Villar of the Baltimore Orioles hit the 6106th home run in the majors this season, surpassing the old record set during 2017. With a few weeks left in the season, it’s fair to say that the league shattered the previous record.

The Trend

Home runs are arguably the greatest moment within a baseball game. The team is able to celebrate, and in a game with a lot of waiting, the home run can dramatically change the game in an instant. Over the past two seasons, the home run has increased within Major League Baseball for a number of reasons, with the most important being that swinging for the fences has been the best counter to the shift. 

By hitting above the fielders, players have increased their home run totals. As almost every team has broken a home run record somewhere, it is likely that the home run will increase as the years go on. The 2019 Minnesota Twins, for example, have hit the most-ever home runs by a team.

The Players 

To Oakland Athletics infielder Marcus Semien, who hit the 6105th home run, and Jonathan Villar, these home runs may not be anything special. However, to the fans, these home runs are a part of baseball history. While there have been concerns of the ball being altered within the past few years, players have been able to make adjustments. Many games have become more exciting, and the increase in power output has also led to an incredible Home Run Derby.


While more home runs occurred this season than any other, there has also been a rise in strikeouts. The rise in strikeouts seems to bother many fans, while the increase in home runs continues to excite fans. This trend will probably continue next season and beyond.

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