Scooter Gennett: The 8th Wonder of the World

Scooter Gennett

2017 was the year of Scooter Gennett. So far, it looks like 2018 is going to be the same way. Since being claimed off the waiver wire in Spring Training of 2017, Scooter has been an offensive monster. He has batted .302 with a outrageous OBP to boot. In the year and a quarter with the Cincinnati Reds, he has FIVE, count them, FIVE grand slams. He had a breakout season last year, and he’s only adding to the story so far this year.

Where Did This Come From?

Scooter was a career .279 hitter with the Milwaukee Brewers. He only had a total of 35 homers in four years. In a year and some change with the Reds, he has 35 homers alone. With those numbers, he has become a premier offensive second baseman. Since coming over on waivers, he has looked like a completely different player than the one in Milwaukee. Only Don Mattingly and Travis Hafner have had more grand slams in one year (six), and 24 other have hit four in a season, including Scooter.

Can He Keep It Up?

So far this season, Gennett has hit .324, with eight homers, 33 RBI and a .358 OBP. At this pace his final numbers would look like this: .326, 27 homers, and 109 RBI. Those numbers would put him at “elite hitter” status. Since the beginning of baseball, only the best players ever have put up those kinds of seasons. To offer comparison, Jose Altuve, the all world second baseman from the Houston Astros, has never had a season like that. He has never hit .320+ with 25+ homers and 100+ RBI.

Will He Be Traded?

The speculation around Scooter being traded has started to pick up. Since he is having such a good year, and the Reds are not, the consensus is to trade high, and score some prospects in return. There are plenty of teams right now that need a second baseman. The first team to come to mind is the Seattle Mariners, who have lost Robinson Cano to suspension and Dee Gordon to a broken toe. They are definitely in the hunt for a second baseman, as they are presumably contenders in the AL West. The Cleveland Indians are another team who are looking for services of a second baseman.

The Reds will be looking for starting pitching and outfield prospects, if and when they decided to trade Scooter. Imaginably, the Reds will ask high, and hopefully win out on a trade to move the rising star second baseman. Bringing back a pitcher who can start immediately or a top prospect would be perfect for Cincinnati.

Scooter is slowly becoming one of the better offensive players in baseball, and it’s fun to watch him, night in and night out. Next time you have the chance, go watch number three wreak some havoc on opposing pitchers and have fun while doing it. He brings excitement, and fun back to the game of baseball in the most refreshing way. That’s why Scooter has become the 8th wonder of the world, well, at least the baseball world.

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