Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano Set for Just Fifth “Three Stages of Hell” Match in WWE History

Stipulation/gimmick matches in wrestling have been around almost since the dawn of the industry itself. Some have even risen to such popularity there are entire PPVs dedicated to them (I’m talking to you Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, World War 3,┬áLethal Lockdown, TLC, Elimination Chamber, War Games, Battle Bowl, etc.). But for others, they […] READ MORE

The Shield Writes Their Final Chapter


After months of speculation, it seems that the official last ride of The Shield will come tonight live on the WWE Network. Since storming the scene all the way back in 2012, The Shield have been at the center of the WWE as the gatekeepers and new main dogs of the company. Yet, one finally […] READ MORE

Preview: MysterioMania Tributo al Mesias (11/29/2018)


Hugo Savinovich‘s MysterioMania is officially arriving this Thursday in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. The show that had a roller coaster ride of controversy and big-name hype will feature the best independent wrestlers in the world. The show will honor the legacy of arguably the best wrestler of the last 15 years in Puerto Rico, El Mesias. […] READ MORE

Cody Rhodes Calls For Wrestling Unionization – Is It Worth It?


Wrestling unionization hasn’t been something that’s been talked about as much as it should; either in the industry itself, or in wrestling media. However, it’s something that’s seemingly gained traction after Cody Rhodes took to Twitter, apparently in support of the issue. Taking to Twitter, Rhodes wrote that wrestlers have never been better, but promoters […] READ MORE

Ryback and Pagano to Wrestle In Puerto Rico for MysterioMania


The Big Guy himself, Ryback, will make his first wrestling appearance in Puerto Rico since leaving WWE this coming November. Hugo Savinovich‘s MysterioMania: Tributo al Mesias – which is already loaded with talents like Gilbert el Boricua (Mil Muertes), Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and LA Park – added former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback to their […] READ MORE

Beyond The Surface: A Modern History Of Women In Wrestling


Casual wrestling fans in the United States may not be aware of the global contributions women have made to the wrestling business. Some individuals in the wrestling business have also made questionable comments about female wrestling fans. Ryback has challenged the mental state of female wrestling fans and followed his comments with what many felt […] READ MORE