Ryback and Pagano to Wrestle In Puerto Rico for MysterioMania

The Big Guy himself, Ryback, will make his first wrestling appearance in Puerto Rico since leaving WWE this coming November. Hugo Savinovich‘s MysterioMania: Tributo al Mesias which is already loaded with talents like Gilbert el Boricua (Mil Muertes), Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and LA Park – added former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback to their stacked event this past weekend.

Since leaving WWE, Ryback has had very few wrestling appearances. He mostly has been wrestling in the northeast of the United States, specially for Northeast Wrestling. Although rumors of him going to New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground have been reported, Ryback enjoys his podcast and has remained under the radar since leaving WWE. People may not be exactly interested in seeing the Big Guy wrestle, but is undeniably great to see him debut in the island with all of other members of the cartel.

Pagano Finally Enters 

The MysterioMania show will also feature the debut of AAA wrestler Pagano. The former AAA World Tag Team Champion was suppose to debut for International Championship Wrestling Association, but couldn’t arrive to the island at the time. Pagano is set to go up against LA Park, which will be a debut match for both of them. The match will be a extreme rules match.


As of now, the following Mexican wrestlers will wrestle for the show: Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., LA Park, Pagano, Hijo de LA Park and Juventud Guerrera. From the US and other parts: Brian Cage, Melissa Santos, Taya, Johnny Mundo, Teddy Hart and MVP. For Puerto Rico: Ivelisse, Mecha Wolf 450, Mike Mendoza, Star Roger, Tua, Angel Fashion and El Profe. It remains to be seen if Rey Mysterio will headline the show or if WWE has gotten ahead of it and sign him to a deal that blocks his appearance in Puerto Rico.


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