Preview: MysterioMania Tributo al Mesias (11/29/2018)

Hugo Savinovich‘s MysterioMania is officially arriving this Thursday in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. The show that had a roller coaster ride of controversy and big-name hype will feature the best independent wrestlers in the world. The show will honor the legacy of arguably the best wrestler of the last 15 years in Puerto Rico, El Mesias. Other big names on the card – and first-timers in the island – are Pentagon Jr., Johnny Mundo, L.A Park., Teddy Hart and Marty the Moth.

The show was planned for 2017, but after Hurricane Maria, they moved it to 2018. Rey Mysterio was the main attraction, but that was before his WWE signing. Hugo has been the strong holder of the show that’s taking place this Thursday, going further to intervene in a match in Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) that featured El Mesias vs. Mecha Wolf 450. Now, MysterioMania holds the only time in 2018 – if a surprise doesn’t happen – that Mesias will wrestle in his home country, Puerto Rico. Here’s a preview the top matches of the card that night.

#1 Contenders of the Wrestling Superstar Tag Team Championships: Los Aereos (Hiram Tua & Star Roger) vs. Angel Fashion & Enyel w/ Mike Mendoza

One of the first matches in MysterioMania features an array of the best Puerto Rican talent right now. Star Roger & Hiram Tua, before becoming the main guys in their respective companies, the duo was known as Los Aereos (The Highflyers). As a tag team, Tua & Roger are former IWA PR and WWC World Tag Team Champions. In the present, Tua is having his last matches before retirement and Roger has the longest reign of any championship in Puerto Rican wrestling history. The opposite team was supposed to be La Marea (The TIDE), Angel Fashion & Mike Mendoza, but the latter is injured for the meantime. Enyel will take its place, which will maintain the high octane offense The TIDE is used to have. The winner will have a shot at the Wrestling Superstars Tag Team belts which will be defended that night.

Wrestling Superstars Tag Team Championships: Supernaturals (Hellspawn & Gladiador Angel) (C) vs. Hijo de LA Park & Pantera Ecuatoriana vs. MAD (Juventud Guerrera & Teddy Hart) 

An array of South American talent takes the stage for the Wrestling Superstars Tag Team Championships. Hellspawn and Gladiator Angel are well-known in Chile and other parts in South America. They have defended the titles in various part of the world, against top tag teams. Now, they take on the unlikely tag team of Hijo de LA Park and Pantera Ecuatoriana and the chaotic unit Juventud Guerrera & Teddy Hart. All of the wrestlers are foreigners, except for Guerrera.

Shane the Glamour Boy & TNT (Savio Vega) vs. Thunder & Lightning w/ El Profe 

This will be an old school bout between the best tag team in the last 20 years of wrestling in the island, Thunder & Lightning, and an IWA original duo. TNT is Savio Vega, but not as you know him. TNT was his gimmick in WWC, a red-face-ninja with a martial arts repertoire. Shane the Glamour Boy is the first ever IWA PR World Champion and the only man to hold the IWA, WWC & WWL World Championship. He and Savio are the emblem of the IWA PR. Moreover, a comeback of IWA PR is planned in the event. Finally, after seven years close, the most popular wrestling promotion in the Caribbean in the early 2000s is coming back.

El León Apolo vs. Marty the Moth 

Apolo is one of the biggest stars to emerge in the early 2000s. A former WWE signee, Apolo is 6’5″ and 280 pounds. He was at one point the go-to guy for IWA PR and WWC. Now, his facing the brash, young talents of Marty the Moth. The latter is the former Lucha Underground champion and an emerging star in the indie wrestling scene. This match will be a fight of giants.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Ivelisse 

Ivelisse is the hometown girl in the match. The 2x SHINE Champion is from Ponce, Puerto Rico and a former WWL Women’s Champion. Taya Valkyrie is debuting on the island. Although she has settled down with husband Johnny Mundo, the former AAA Reina de Reinas champion is still a huge female star, appearing regularly on Impact Wrestling. The match can go both ways, but Ivelisse has home court advantage.

“The Big Guy” FKA Ryback vs. MVP 

A random element thrown into MysterioMania is Ryback. The Big Guy is very inactive in the indie wrestling scene and has shown development on evolving his brute style. MVP knows Puerto Rico like the palm of his hand. He gained notoriety in IWA PR and later when finishing with WWE, returned to WWC. The match is not very promising but will have a lot of casual fans interest in the show.

NGCW Florida Championship: Juventud Guerrera vs. Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Johnny Mundo 

As you already know, Rey Fenix was injured in the recent Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) show. He won the New Generation Championship Wrestling back in the summer in Florida but now will have to relinquish it. Johnny Mundo is no stranger to Puerto Rico, but he’s going against the current best wrestler from Puerto Rico. Juventud Guerrera is well known in the island, a former WWC Junior Heavyweight CHampion and a favorite of the crowd. Mecha Wolf has done it all in the last four years. The best wrestler in Puerto Rico, the best matches and the main titles in every promotion. The Last of His Kind has everything going for him this Thursday.

Extreme Rules: L.A. Park vs. Pagano

The night will turn wild with these two. LA Park, one of the most popular wrestlers from Mexico and an icon of hardcore wrestling. Pagano is no stranger to extreme either, he was supposed to wrestle for International Championship Wrestling Association (ICWA)back in the Spring, but he didn’t arrived to the island. Now, Park and Pagano will make the MysterioMania show explode with their insane action.

Wrestling Superstars Submission Championship: El Mesias Ricky Banderas vs. Pentagon Jr. 

The main event showdown in MysterioMania will likely steal the show – if Mecha Wolf 450 doesn’t do it first. Back in 2017, we ranked Ricky Banderas as the fourth best wrestler in Puerto Rican history. He has done it all. The face of the IWA PR, a 4x AAA Mega Champion – and the first ever -, former LU Champion and just recently the captain of team World in CMLL Grand Prix. Mesias is the best of the best in the island. But, facing him is the most popular guy in Mexican wrestling after Rey Mysterio. Pentagon Jr. is one of a kind, a name that brings attention to any promotion where he’s presented. The former Impact Wrestling World Champion and LU Champion has been everywhere and recently will start a single run with the injury of his brother. El Zero Miedo vs. Mesias is a dream match for any Puerto Rican and will surely blow the roof off Guaynabo.

Photo: Wrestling Superstar