One-Year Rcovery for El Cuervo de Puerto Rico

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El Cuervo de Puerto Rico, who was hit last week by a cinder block, will now have a one-year recovery. The cinder block to the head of Cuervo causes a fractured skull with a blood clot, which was removed by surgery. Moreover, Angel o Demonio – the man who threw the cinder block – was suspended by the Mexican wrestling commision.

No More El Más Extremo?

The one-year recovery is good news to Cuervo, who’s life and wrestling career was threatened after the horrific injury. Many inside the square circle were afraid that he couldn’t return to wrestling, but, it turns out that he should be back for 2020. Cuervo’s recuperation will take place in his home country of Puerto Rico. While he was wrestling mainly these last months in Mexico, Cuervo will likely make his comeback in the island.

As we reported before, the injury represents a big modification of the wrestling style that Cuervo brings in the ring. El Más Extremo is used to extreme rules matches that have big risks. Now, he will have to adapt to a more grounded style, bumping less and taking lesser risks. Back in the summer, Cuervo’s extreme antics almost caused the burning of an arena in Puerto Rico alongside World Wrestling League star Enyel.

Cuervo de Puerto Rico is one of the top wrestlers in the island. Before the stint in Mexico, he was one of the island favorites, but without a home promotion. He wrestled regularly for WWL, but later transitioned to Carlos Colon‘s World Wrestling Council (WWC). After the company failed to deliver a singles run to Cuervo, he moved to the rising Championship Wrestling Association (CWA). After some failed attempts at the CWA Championship, Cuervo decided to wrestle internationally. He wrestled for Wildkat Sports, Destrucción Total Utltraviolento (DTU), Mucha Lucha Atlanta (MLA) and even some tryouts with high profile companies.