Wrestle Gate Pro: Bringing Puro to the UK

2019 is going to be an interesting year for British Wrestling.  NXT UK has weekly TV as well as upcoming TakeOvers, World Of Sport is touring, PAC is back on the scene and new companies continue to pop up on a regular basis.  Back on September 25th, a new promotion joined the scene – Wrestle Gate Pro.

Wrestle Gate Pro quickly announced themselves to the world with the revelation that they have set up home in Nottingham’s Rushcliffe Arena.  They did not wait around to start putting the news out there that their first show would take place on January 26th, 2019.  They gained the attention of fans very quickly with their first announcement, former AAA, Impact and Lucha Underground star Mil Muertes (Judas Mesias)

Not content with being responsible for the UK debut of Mil Muertes, Wrestle Gate have stacked their first show with an unbelievable array of talent – Jordan Devlin, Session Moth Martina, Jazzy Gabbert, Bad Bones, and Ayesha are just some of the names on this huge first card.

A big show needs a big main event and Wrestle Gate have just that.  Chris Ridgeway will take on Jordan Devlin in a clash of two of the UK scene’s best performers of 2018.  Devlin as the Ace of Ireland’s Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling carried the company on his back all year, defending the title against the likes of Zack Sabre Jr., Mark Haskins and Tyler Bate before falling to WALTER in an absolute classic.  Ridgeway has had a breakout year, winning the International Super 8’s tournament in IPW: UK and becoming a finalist in the Natural Progression Series in PROGRESS.  In his debut for Frontline Wrestling, he took on NOAH star Kenoh.  This is a rematch of the show stealer these two had at PROGRESS recently and is a marquee matchup for Wrestle Gate Pro’s first show.

Wrestle Gate aren’t sitting on their laurels of the debut show either and have been filling out their 2019 by announcing Japanese stars like Konosuke Takeshita, Kikutaro, Shigehiro Irie and Joe Doering, not to mention names like Bobby Gunns, Kurtis Chapman, Julian Pace and Scotty Davis as they fill up the brackets for both the Top Prospect Tournament and the Wrestle Gate Pro Heavyweight Grand Prix.  Wrestle Gate Pro are bringing their vision to the UK Wrestling scene with never before seen talents and a tournament showcasing some of the top prospects in the scene.