The Anatomy of Elimination Chamber


On February 19, 2022, World Wrestling Entertainment will hold its first Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of WWE’s ten-year partnership with the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative. The event is named for the signature Elimination Chamber match held at the event. This year’s participants are to be Bobby Lashley, […] READ MORE



Before there was the Women’s Evolution in WWE and an opportunity to compete in the main event of WrestleMania. Before there was WWE’s Four Horsewomen, and even before there was a rise in women’s wrestling in NXT through the likes of Paige and Emma, there was one person who began becoming part of the main story […] READ MORE

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano Set for Just Fifth “Three Stages of Hell” Match in WWE History

Stipulation/gimmick matches in wrestling have been around almost since the dawn of the industry itself. Some have even risen to such popularity there are entire PPVs dedicated to them (I’m talking to you Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, World War 3, Lethal Lockdown, TLC, Elimination Chamber, War Games, Battle Bowl, etc.). But for others, they […] READ MORE

Booyaka Booyaka 619: 30 Years of Rey Mysterio


Today is the 30th Anniversary of Rey Mysterio’s debut into professional wrestling, as he continues to carry on his legacy of not only the greatest luchador of all time but quite possibly the greatest wrestler to ever dawn a mask in the world of pro wrestling. The impact Rey Mysterio has had on pro wrestling […] READ MORE