The Alternate Mae Young Classic

The women’s wrestling scene is deeper in 2018 than it ever has been.  A quick look indicates that WWE has 35 contracted women wrestling on their three brands.  On top of that, we have 32 women taking part in the second Mae Young Classic, as we’ll see tonight on the Bracketology special at 9pm tonight. Despite […] READ MORE

CMLL 84th Anniversary


Today, Saturday September 16th, is CMLL 84th anniversary and the party is on in the biggest night for the serious and stable and for México. Something is happening. In light of recent events on AAA, where Dr. Wagner and Psycho Clown`s masks were on the line, resulting on Wagner`s mask falling off. That mask was […] READ MORE

Preview: CMLL Grand Prix 2017 (9/1/2017)


September is known as the mes patrio (patriotic month) in México and CMLL always make some preparations in the lucha libre world to celebrate, and now, they bring back the Grand Prix for the second year in a row since it returned from oscurity. This year Grand Prix enjoys the very well deserved fame puroresu […] READ MORE