Emi Sakura Faction

On ChocoPro #208, Baliyan Akki defended the Super Asia Championship against Ganbare Pro representative Ken Ohka in a Falls Out Anywhere Match. This was a chaotic battle that saw Akki and Ohka inside Ichigaya Chocolate Square and outside of the venue. Ultimately, Akki emerged victorious, retaining his title and earning the respect of his opponent […]

ChocoPro 203

It may be the middle of the week, but Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling seems to be getting a head start on this week’s action. Enter ChocoPro #203, an episode focused specifically on multi-person action. In addition to a tag team opening contest, viewers will witness a main event three-way match. As is always the case, […]

ChocoPro 202

Fresh off their show that kicked off this weekend, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling is set to follow up with ChocoPro #202. The Asia Dream Tag Team Champions will be in action in the main event of this two-match card. For wrestling fans that are partial to tag team competition, this will be an episode to […]

Sendai Girls Acceleration
Dylan Murray - Feb 18, 2022

As 2022 has gotten underway, Sendai Girls has been making major waves in joshi wrestling. Using freelance talent more frequently and featuring their younger talent more prominently, the company has been releasing their matches on YouTube for everyone to see. So, with a weekend of shows coming up on February 19 & 20 as a […]

ChocoPro 201

Following a massive two-day event, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling returns with ChocoPro #201. To say that the aforementioned event was a memorable one would be an understatement. Not only did viewers see tremendous wrestling from the company’s core group and guest stars alike, but a unified, undisputed Super Asia Champion was decided. This isn’t to […]

Rika Tatsumi Miu Watanabe Max Heart Tournament Winners
Bethany Harris - Feb 11, 2022

During their Korakuen Hall show on February 11 entitled Positive Chain ’22, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling (TJPW) hosted the Max Heart Tournament finals. The finals featured Rika Tatsumi and Miu Watanabe taking on The Bakuretsu Sisters, Nodoka Tenma and Yuki Aino. 2.11後楽園大会 試合後コメント🎙 リカ「念願の優勝とトロフィーまで手に入れました。でも、爆れつ…終わりたくなかった。時間がずっと続けばいいのにって思いました。私たちが勝ったから、むこうは悔いがめちゃくちゃ残ってると思う。だから、のどかに卒業辞めてもらって、何度でも闘いたい」#tjpw — 東京女子プロレス (@tjpw2013) February 11, 2022 Rika Tatsumi and Miu Watanabe […]

ChocoPro 200 Day 2

It’s time for celebration for the Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling crew and their fans. For the second time, Gatoh Move will be hosting a two-day special episode. Enter ChocoPro #200, which goes to show that the action planned simply can’t be contained in one card. The first day of the festivities will be nothing short […]

TJPW Positive Chain 22
Bethany Harris - Feb 10, 2022

The finals of the Max Heart Tournament and the first International Princess Championship defense for Maki Itoh take place on February 11 at Korakuen Hall. Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling’s Positive Chain ’22 will be live-streamed for free and in English thanks to Chris Brookes and Baliyan Akki on the TJPW YouTube channel. TJPW Positive Chain ’22 […]

ChocoPro 199

It’s time for another season of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling’s long-running YouTube wrestling show. ChocoPro #199 marks the Season 12 Premiere of the show in question and there’s plenty to anticipate, especially given that the landmark two-day 200th episode is just around the corner. Before this time comes, however, one can look at this episode […]

Hazuki vs Arisa Hoshiki

Stardom turned 11 years old on Jan. 23, 2022, and we have made it to the point that there is a noticeable before and after in the promotion. When Stardom was forced to take a three-month hiatus after the Cinderella Tournament in March 2020, they came back very different from where they were before. Seeing […]

GLEAT Joshi Division
Xavier Williams - Jan 30, 2022

GLEAT  is sweeping the wrestling world and capturing the hearts of fans searching for something new, putting together an alternative product by combining UWF and traditional pro wrestling. There is also a strong men’s roster spearheaded by junior heavyweight legends Kaz Hayashi, CIMA, and Minoru Tanaka. The rest of the roster has been filled by […]

ChocoPro 198

ChocoPro #198 marks the Season 11 Finale of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling’s long-running YouTube wrestling show. To say that it has been quite a ride would be an understatement, featuring everything from the return of Mei Suruga following her excursion to America to continued vying for the promotion’s championships. This weekend, Season 11 wraps up […]

ChocoPro 197

Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling is only a few shows away from the 200th episode of ChocoPro, which has recently been revealed to be a two-day event. To say that this is big would be an understatement, as it ensures that Gatoh Move will aim to stack each card as high as possible. One or both […]

Donna del Mondo
Scott Edwards (Editor) - Jan 23, 2022

On January 19, 2020, at Stardom’s 9th Anniversary show, Syuri joined the company to align herself with Giulia and Maika, officially forming Donna del Mondo. Since that moment, Stardom has never been the same. The Donna del Mondo we see today is different in a number of ways but all the same in their overall […]

ChocoPro 196

Wrapping up this weekend, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling is set to present ChocoPro #196. We are only two episodes away from the Season 11 Finale and based on how the action has steadily been ramping up, it’s fair to say that the Gatoh Move crew is looking to end things with a bang. On this […]

ChocoPro 195

It’s time for a birthday bash on ChocoPro #195. On this episode, the Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling will be celebrating Masahiro Takanashi, who is turning 39 years old. There are few gifts as tempting for a wrestler as a championship match, which is exactly what the veteran “Drunken King” has in store for this episode. […]

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Wrestle Princess 3

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling have announced the full card for Wrestle Princess 3, one of their biggest events of the year. While 2022’s biggest event was undoubtedly the massive Grand Princess event at Sumo Hall, Wrestle Princess has been established as their premiere annual event since its debut in 2020. Wrestle Princess 3 Card 10月9日TOKYO […]

AEW Dynamite Card - Chris Jericho vs Bandido graphic
Michael Joseph Sugue - Jan 20, 2022

All Elite Wrestling’s “Grand Slam” week event was a massive success which saw the historic crowning of a new AEW and Ring of Honor World Champions and the debut of a truly game-changing competitor looking to take over the AEW Women’s Division. On this week’s AEW Dynamite card we deal with the fallout from Grand Slam as […]

Jarrod Sullivan - Jan 20, 2022

Rumors have been swirling about Malakai Black quite a bit as of late. After taking a bow for the live audience at All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) All Out PPV, gossip about Black was slow to pick up due to other unforeseen drama that would occur that night, but in the last week or so, especially […]

AEW Dark 9-27-22
JW Kirkland - Jan 20, 2022

AEW Dark is once again upon us, and with a stacked eleven-match card, this one promises to be action-packed. Ryan Nemeth hopes to pick up a much-needed win as he faces the returning Arjun Singh. The Renegade Twins are back in action as they look to gain their first back-to-back wins in All Elite Wrestling, […]

Candice LeRae enters Royal Rumble
Kyle DeRiemer - Jan 20, 2022

WWE fans were given a treat on Raw this week as Candice LeRae returned to the ring for the first time since having her baby in February. As most know, she and husband Johnny Gargano, have been out of action to take care of baby Quill and had not given much information about what their […]

Hijo del Vikingo AAA
Kelvin Briggs - Jan 20, 2022

As we march through the back half of 2022 and the end of the year approaches, let’s get to know Hijo del Vikingo. Vikingo is the current AAA Mega Champion and has recently gotten approved for a United States work visa. Things have opened up a world of possibilities on both sides of the border. […]

Bandido ROH World Champion
Kelvin Briggs - Jan 20, 2022

Big Lucha crowned the first Big Lucha World Champion this past weekend following a high-paced contender for lucha libre MOTY (the highly anticipated Flamita vs Bandido match) in the form of Bandido. The match ended up being awesome aside from Flamita working through an injury at the beginning, it had a very vocal crowd and […]

Roman Reigns Returns to SmackDown ratings

WWE ratings for last week’s SmackDown saw the blue brand hit a number that no WWE programming has touched since December, 2020 as SmackDown eclipsed 2,500,000 viewers in nearly two years. It is worth offering a caveat there though as that Christmas night show benefited from an NFL lead-in, evidenced by the fact that the […]