NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 Preview and Predictions: 3/28/23 NXT Taping and WrestleMania Weekend

NXT Stand and Deliver 2023

In the week before WrestleMania 39, many fans are looking toward SoFi Stadium on Saturday, but NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 is also gearing up to be a special show. Therefore, a preview of the go-home NXT is necessary to help predict Stand and Deliver. 

Fans of the developmental brand should be in for a treat, with this week’s episode providing some crucial pieces to Saturday’s proceedings from the Crypto.com Arena at 1 PM EST on Peacock. Making NXT Stand and Deliver preview and predictions will first require a look at some of the big happenings during WrestleMania week. Below we have a spoiler-free look at the moments WWE has already advertised for NXT’s go-home show before for Stand and Deliver

Preview: NXT Go Home Show (3/28/23)

While most of the big names will likely appear on the last show before Stand and Deliver, NXT has promoted the show so far on the backs of a couple of matches and a segment with implications for Stand and Deliver. While you can expect to see Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Schism, The Creed Brothers, and more before their big matches on Saturday, here are the three key moments to watch for on the March 28 episode of NXT on USA Network. 

NXT Womens Championship: Last Chance Qualifier

The NXT Womens Championship was vacated after Roxanne Perez defended it successfully on NXT 2 weeks ago. While her status is still unclear, it is confirmed that a new champion will claim the vacant title in a ladder match at Stand and Deliver. Currently, Zoey Stark, Gigi Dolin, Tiffany Stratton, and Lyra Valkyria have all qualified for a spot in that ladder match. However, three women unable to qualify for the match have another shot at the final spot. Ivy Nile, Indi Hartwell, and Sol Ruca will have a triple threat match to earn that last spot. All three women are phenomenal athletes poised to put on a game worthy of the stakes. 

Grayson Waller Contract Signing

Last week, Johnny Gargano came to NXT to set up an Unsanctioned Match with Grayson Waller to blow off the feud that started a year ago between the two. While Gargano hasn’t had much luck on Raw recently, he has made quite a splash as Shawn Michaels’s chosen fighter for a confrontation with Waller. Grayson, for his part, said he would sign if Johnny stayed away from NXT this week and sent his best friend. Whether or not Gargano adheres to these demands or who his “best friend” could be are both exciting wrinkles in the build to what could be the match of the night on Saturday across two WWE shows. 

NXT North American Championship Qualifying Battle Royal 

NXT North American Champion Wes Lee was given the opportunity a few weeks ago to choose his opponents for Stand and Deliver in a Fatal Five Way match. After a chaotic segment last week, Dragon Lee, Ilja Dragunov, and JD McDonagh were selected for the match. However, instead of picking his final opponent, Lee decided a battle royal would determine the last competitor. Axiom, Dijak, and even Jinder Mahal each declared interest in the title and the upcoming match, but there will need to be more than three competitors. Who will enter the match and compete for the title at Stand and Deliver is the main drawing point for the show. 

NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 Preview and Predictions

The match card for NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 is set to kick off WrestleMania weekend. Below is a run-through and prediction of each match with some light spoilers for the March 28th NXT Episode. 

Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller – Unsanctioned match

A match a year in the making, Johnny Gargano doesn’t have any plans for WrestleMania. So, the heart and soul of NXT gets a major stage to perform in Los Angeles. Both Waller and Gargano are incredibly talented, but Waller, in particular, has been one of the most captivating performers on NXT. That he has been given this opportunity for a marquee match that NXT last used to tell the DIY story with Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa shows that NXT officials trust him to deliver. Additionally, the returning Gargano putting over Waller in a match that he popularized will do a lot to set Waller up for a second crack at the NXt title down the line. 

Prediction: Grayson Waller defeats Johnny Gargano

Chase University and Tyler Bate vs. Schism – For Control of Chase U

Over the last few weeks, Andre Chase and his pupils in the Chase U faction have been feuding with Joe Gacy and Schism on and off for weeks with mind games, victories, and signature victories over the Universitie’s members. However, the feud started in earnest when Schism tried to recruit Chase U’s newest ally, Tyler Bate. In a match with many interesting pieces to watch, Gacy and Schism are fighting for control of Chase University. 

Perhaps more interesting than the result could be the debut of WWE’s first 4th Generation superstar. The Rock’s daughter, Ava Raine, has been a prominent voice in Schism, and she makes her in-ring debut at Stand and Deliver during this match. It is genuinely hard to pick a winner in a feud that has been equal parts silly and serious. With the stakes high and a ringer in Tyler Bate, Andre Chase could win the bout. That being said, a dominant win for a debuting Ava and a darker Chase U led by Joe Gacy could be compelling TV for months to come. 

Prediction: Schism wins control of Chase University. 

Fallon Henley and Kiana James vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

The story heading into this match is not about Fallon Henley and Kiana James defending the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship against a common enemy but rather a case of whether they can coexist. Henley and Josh Briggs have had their suspicions of infidelity and betrayal when it comes to James and her relationship with their friend, Brooks Jensen. The story has yet to be portrayed as particularly serious, which is typical for a Jensen and Briggs storyline. However, to this point, a confirmed mystery man, “Sebastian,” and the threat to the tag team championships raise the stakes for Stand and Deliver. 

It is nearly impossible to figure out how the break will happen. Maybe Brooks sides with his friends or joins James to feud with them instead. Perhaps this “Sebastian” debacle may be a misunderstanding, and Briggs and Henley must make it up to their allies. Regardless. they are not walking out of Stand and Deliver together or as champions. Additionally, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn have been solid as a tag team. They feel more united than many of the makeshift groups WWE loves to use. 

Prediction: Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. 

Wes Lee vs. Dragon Lee vs. JD McDonagh vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. Axiom – NXT North American Championship

With Axiom getting the opportunity he wanted on the go-home show, the fatal five-way match is set to be a solid bout with a ton of action. All five competitors can go in the ring; three, in particular, have a compelling case of leaving with the title. Seeing Axiom deliver on his opportunity after being the only one who had to work for it would be great. Additionally, a debuting Dragon Lee could prove he is one of the best by winning the title in his first match. However, Wes Lee has been a workhorse for NXT and deserves a much longer reign with the title than this. Given how quickly everything played out to set the bout up, this is more of an exhibition than anything, so you should expect Wes Lee to retain. 

Prediction: Wes Lee retains the NXT North American Championship

Zoey Stark vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Indi Hartwell – Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s Championship

After some bizarre happenings, NXT found itself without a women’s champion heading into their signature show for WrestleMania week. The solution was a tournament of sorts for entry into a ladder match for the vacant title. Of course, ladder matches can be hit or miss, but the star power in the match is interesting regardless. Zoey Stark, Gigi Dolan, Tiffany Stratton, and Lyra Valkyria all qualified for the match on the first go. Then, Indi Hartwell defeated the other first-round competitors in a last-chance qualifier to secure her spot on the go-home show. 

The story throughout the proceedings seems centered around Hartwell. Her failure to qualify for this match until the last moment is part of that. Also, everyone on the roster commenting on her failures has been an odd choice, but it was done multiple times on NXT television. However, Indi seems likelier to be main roster bound with the rest of her stablemates in The Way than as the next NXT Women’s Champion. The Roxanne Perez injury may have changed the plans, but Stratton winning the title at NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 made sense in either case. Stratton has been on a roll since her return to NXT and would make the perfect foil for Hartwell or Perez heading into the summer. 

Prediction: Tiffany Stratton will win the NXT Women’s Championship

Gallus vs. The Creed Brothers vs. The D’Angelo Family – NXT Tag Team Championship 

Unfortunately, these three teams are better than the build this match has gotten. All three teams were involved in other stories until about the middle of March, so time was never on their side. Fortunately, their talent in the ring will probably erase fans’ disappointment once the bell rings. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey have been the perfect rough-and-tumble champions since winning the titles at Vengeance Day. For this show, they have teams that also prefer a hard-hitting style to mix it up with. 

For as good as this match can be, it may be the most predictable. Gallus recently returned, and they have delivered as the champions each week. The Creed Brothers are a dedicated tag team with a following, but with Diamond Mine recently working on the WWE Main Event, a call-up for Julius and Brutus after WrestleMania may be in the works.  

Prediction: Gallus retains the NXT Tag Team Championship. 

Bron Breakker vs. Carmelo Hayes – NXT Championship

When doing an NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 preview and prediction piece, the main event is one of the most highly anticipated matchups happening on Saturday across all of WWE programming. From the early 2.0 days to this new NXT era, Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes have carried the brand. Now, the two biggest stars of the current NXT roster will finally face off one-on-one for the NXT Championship. The two are both main roster ready, but the brand won’t be losing both of its top guys. 

Breakker has been a better champion than almost anyone wanted to give him credit for early on. He is a breakout legacy prospect who is solid in the ring and on the mic.  Likewise, Hayes has been phenomenal in his role. What Hayes has yet to accomplish, though, is winning the world title. With Breakker likely heading to the main roster right after WrestleMania, the NXT title will get what a championship needs. 

Prediction: Carmelo Hayes will win the NXT Championship

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