Sarray Leaves WWE NXT – Instantly Becomes One To Watch

Sarray leaves WWE

It has today been reported by Tokyo Sports that WWE NXT talent, Sarray, has parted ways with the promotion. Sarray, who made a name for herself in her native Japan as “Sareee” while competing in promotions such as World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana and Seadlinnng, is reported by Tokyo Sports as being set to return to Japan on May 16 – where she will most likely resume working under the Sareee name. Though fans were initially optimistic about Sarray’s potential in the WWE, the parting of ways between the two parties had been on the cards for quite some time, as Sarray’s gimmick change towards the beginning of 2022 did not take off the way the WWE expected and was even met with some backlash. Since then, Sarray’s NXT appearances have been sporadic at best and her last NXT match came in the form of a defeat to former NXT talent, Mandy Rose, in August of last year. Sarray leaves WWE NXT with new experiences, but hopefully with the desire to go beyond what she achieved in the promotion.

Sarray Leaves WWE NXT

Wasted Talent – But A Blessing In Disguise

Sarray’s time in the WWE was one which was a victim of very unfortunate circumstances. She signed with the promotion in early 2020 and, by the time she made her in-ring debut for the promotion in 2021, she had already been signed with the promotion for a year and was an unfortunate victim of many delays to her debut as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel issues between Japan and the United States. Therefore, it is perhaps unwise to pin the blame on either party for the resulting parting-ways. However, Sarray’s sudden gimmick change in early 2022 – which saw her donning pigtails and a Japanese schoolgirl outfit (as well as a “magic medallion” which drew obvious comparisons to Sailor Moon) – was clearly never going to work out as intended and somewhat signaled the beginning of the end of the business relationship between NXT and Sarray.

Anyone familiar with Sareee’s work will know that she is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business today. Having made her pro wrestling debut as early as April 2011 against the legendary Meiko Satomura for World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, she is already a veteran of the business with what will be 12 years of experience by the time she returns to the ring later this year. Oh, and she is still only 26 years old – meaning she has plenty to offer whichever promotion she ends up working in. If she can return to Japan with new experiences and something of a chip on her shoulder, she can easily become one of the standout talents in the country – matches against some of the big names in joshi wrestling right now (Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, Miyu Yamashita etc) will very quickly reestablish her as one of the best and rebuild a name which has been cooled off somewhat over the past year.

Sareee Will Remind the World Who She Is

As mentioned earlier, Sareee is one of the best young talents in the world today – and she will get even better with the right promotion and opponents. Whereas Sareee perhaps isn’t as big of a name as the likes of Mercedes Moné and KAIRI, who both left WWE for Japan in recent years, she certainly has the potential to be as good as them and can realize her potential with this move. It is easy to see a future where Sareee realizes the potential she has shown over the years. By the end of 2023, she will certainly remind the world of pro wrestling who she is. Sarray is gone – Sareee returns.

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