Sarray Set To Leave a Legendary Impact in NXT and WWE Following Debut

Sarray WWE NXT

On Tuesday night, Sarray finally made her NXT debut when she faced Zoey Stark in singles action. It was a long road for Sarray to get to this point as her debut for WWE was halted by COVID-19, forcing her to stay in Japan. Yet in her first match, it’s as though no moment was missed. Her entrance made her feel as special as she truly is. Her in-ring ability spoke for itself as the combination of forearms and high-impact moves were well on display. It took one match for one thing to be clear about Sarray’s future. She is on the path to leave a legendary impact in NXT and WWE. That’s how special “The Warrior of the Sun” already is. And really, it’s only a hint at how special she is going to be.

If you have seen Sarray perform before Tuesday night, you already know how special she is. The 25-year-old prodigy was exactly that in Japan as she fought under the name Sareee. She traveled the country, wrestling for the top Joshi companies like SEAdLINNNG, World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, and so many more. Her matches repeatedly showed her ability to bring it every single outing no matter the opponent. Considering her opponents in her career, Sarray never had any other choice but to hit hard and hit often. Whether it was Joshi legend Aja Kong or another legend and current NXT UK superstar, Meiko Satomura, who she made her professional debut against, she always brought it.

Sarray’s greatness goes in and outside singles action, as she has tag team matches in her past that are among the best you will ever see. After all, before she flew over to the United States to finally join WWE, she teamed with Yoshiko. Together, they held the SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Tag Team Championships and had some of the best tag team matches you will see. Against the Best FriendsArisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto — as well as Nakajima teaming with Nanae Takahashi. It showed that even with one foot out the door and ready to go to WWE, Sarray would put on a show in any situation. There was a certain style she was taught at a young age and carries that with her to NXT today, no matter the style of match.

The list is a long one if you want to see the best of Sarray in WWE, but now that she is, we look to her future. As stated prior, her debut came against Zoey Stark. And what she was able to do in those seven minutes was quickly display the type of performer she is. The fans drew into her ability to hold nothing back and be resilient when Stark seemingly hit all of her best shots. Sarray answered with her own best shots which really showed the impressive moveset that she has. Hard forearm strikes are what made her a favorite in Japan. She never held back and she did not in this one either. Then when it came to the close, everything was with the highest of impact and her finishing suplex put the “cherry on top” of her incredible performance. The win is only the beginning.

NXT has seen so many talented women fill their division and deliver match after match that stole the show, making it the best part of the black and gold brand as well as WWE overall. The Four Horsewomen, Asuka, Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley, and most recently Io Shirai are some of the top names in NXT history who really left their mark. And Sarray could be on the path of shining brighter than every single one of them based on her first appearance.

Only Asuka out of all the women named came into NXT with the buzz that Sarray has. She was treated as one of the biggest additions ever for good reason. That eventually led to her being the most dominant performer in NXT history. Based on Sarray’s entrance with the rising sun, the presence you felt when she entered the arena, the likability she carries, and her unmatchable efforts in the ring, she is well on her way to getting exactly that and maybe more.

It may sound premature to put all this belief into Sarray, especially when comparing to Asuka, but she has “it.” Being allowed to wrestle the way she does will get her over with any crowd. You could feel it from the moment she walked out the first time, you could feel it all throughout her impressive match, and you will feel it moving forward as she carves her own legendary path of greatness. There is no one in WWE like her. “The Warrior of the Sun” is a special talent who is not only the future of the women’s division but is NXT’s next No. 1 star.

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