AEW Revolution Betting Odds: Odds Suggest Title Likely to Change Hands

AEW Revolution Results betting odds for matches including MJF vs Bryan Danielson

AEW Revolution is just a few weeks away and that means it is time to look at the initial betting odds for AEW’s upcoming PPV event. So far, BetOnline is offering odds for three matches: MJF vs Bryan Danielson, Hangman Page vs Jon Moxley, and Wardlow vs Samoa Joe. And don’t look now, but the odds are eying that a potential title change could be on the way at Revolution…

AEW Revolution Betting Odds

AEW World Championship – MJF (-5000) vs Bryan Danielson (+900)

A title change may be on the way at Revolution, but as far as the AEW Revolution betting odds (and pretty much anyone you ask) are concerned it will not be this one. The sportsbook has MJF as a ridiculous favorite to retain his AEW World Championship against challenger Bryan Danielson. Should you wager on MJF, you’d have to bet $5000 just to win $1 and as Max would probably tell you, that’s basically poor people money. MJF has been world champion for nearly 100 days and while he doesn’t exactly have a marquee win yet (no offense Ricky Starks), the man has been absolute money in his role as AEW’s top guy. A win over Danielson would be the star-making kind of victory a lesser man would need to further his legacy, but MJF is no lesser man. That said, a win over Danielson, and in a 60-minute iron man match no less, should quiet any remaining doubters out there who still aren’t sold on MJF’s greatness. He’s better than you and he’ll show it at Revolution, while also not caring what you think about him one bit.

  • Side Prop: While not an AEW Revolution betting odds specific prop, BetOnline is also offering betters a chance to wager on the prop bet of “Will MJF be AEW World Champion at the End of 2023? – Yes (-180) and No (+140)” Well, the end of February will mark two months into the year and just one title defense. If MJF keeps up that pace, he’ll only need to win five more title matches to guarantee he’ll have a year-to-year run as champion. Short of maybe a returning CM Punk, or maybe Kenny Omega, standing in line to take the title, there’s really no one on the roster you could look at right now who seems primed to defeat MJF. Although, an MJF/Jungle Boy title match to end 2023 could prove to be the biggest obstacle standing in Max’s way when it comes to retaining his title into the new year. Well, that and a potential WWE contract waiting to be signed…

Hangman Page (-400) vs Jon Moxley

Props to Jon Moxley on becoming the first AEW wrestler to reach the 100-win mark. It’s a testament to his longevity and popularity within the company. That said, if the AEW Revolution betting odds are to be believed, Moxley’s next 100 wins won’t start coming right away, at least not at Revolution against Hangman Page. Revolution will mark the start of perhaps a new trilogy between these two great fighters, who last met in the ring a few weeks ago on Dynamite. That match saw Moxley take a 2-1 lead in the all-time series, winning in front of his home crowd in the process. But what happened after the match made clear that this rivalry of former champions was far from over. Moxley challenged Page to a Texas Death Match at Revolution and Page accepted. Of course, on paper, one would think Moxley would have the edge in such a stipulation as his style is more suited to that kind of affair. But Page is no slouch and he certainly hasn’t forgotten the injury Moxley dealt him that left him out of action for nearly a year. Page hasn’t quite regained his momentum from the missed time but there is no time like the present and according to AEW Revolution betting odds, the present is indeed now.

TNT Championship – Wardlow (-400) vs Samoa Joe (+250)

WarJoe, say it ain’t so. The short-lived pairing of two of AEW’s top heavies came to an end just two months after it began and the two have been at each other’s throats since. It all started at last year’s Full Gear when Joe defeated Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs to take the TNT Championship away from his former tag team partner. Things got heated in the ensuing months as Samoa Joe successfully defended the title against Wardlow in a match that was stopped by referee’s decision. But to add insult to injury, not only did Wardlow lose the match but he lost his hair as well. No, this wasn’t a hair vs hair match, just the acts of a heel doing heel things. The two men haven’t shared a ring since December but the animosity has only grown since then. It will all boil over at Revolution as Wardlow gets a second chance to regain the TNT Championship. And if the AEW Revolution betting odds are to be believed, he’ll be successful, not just in winning the title but in also getting a modicum of revenge against his biggest rival.

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