The Rise of Powerhouse Hobbs Should Be an Epic Story for AEW in 2023

The Rise of Powerhouse Hobbs

Recent episodes of All Elite Wrestling programming have featured a closer look at promising prospect Will ‘Powerhouse’ Hobbs. And for good reason, as the 31-year-old sensation is on everyone’s radar. It’s been a captivating look at a compelling competitor.

The series of vignettes entitled ‘The Book of Hobbs’ has seen the strongman telling tragic tales of his childhood and upbringing. He’s been shown re-visiting his old neighborhood and re-living the pain of the past. It’s been incredibly effective. He’s been portrayed as a misunderstood warrior, an anti-hero of sorts. In many ways, these short films are a symbol of the duality of man. It’s a portrait of how Hobbs didn’t start out as a brutal brawler but rather was a product of his environment. It blurs the lines of reality. But make no mistake, it’s all very real.

As simple as the storytelling may seem, Powerhouse Hobbs has benefitted greatly from this special spotlight. Wrestling fans are keenly aware that video packages like this are a sign of things to come. They are a prequel, of sorts, to the epic saga that lies ahead for a particular performer. It’s pretty obvious that AEW is positioning him to go from a part-time player to his name being somewhere near the top of the marquee.

After patiently biding his time, Hobbs is ready now. And although he was certainly no rookie when he arrived in All Elite Wrestling, his time on TV has allowed him to polish his skills. He’s improving rapidly. And he’s blossoming into everything Tony Khan envisions he can be. Right now – at just the right time.

Powerhouse Hobbs – An Epic Story in the Making

For his part, Powerhouse Hobbs looks poised to write his next dramatic chapter in 2023

Will Hobbs has seen a lot of singles success since breaking away from Team Taz but has yet to step into the ‘upper tier’ of the promotion so far. But if all holds to form, he should be positioned as a legitimate, main event mainstay in just a few short weeks.

In order to do so, he must break the ‘Curse of the Big Man’ that has befallen the promotion and the programming. Both of which have been dominated by smaller performers. And while there’s no denying the talents of men like Kenny Omega or Bryan Danielson, they aren’t exactly your stereotypical, massive maulers. The roster is made up more of technical workers and ‘spot-kateers’ than protein-chugging powerlifters. That needs to change. The company must add more variety to the mix going forward.

Since Tony Khan launched the company in 2019, he’s never really booked a legitimate heavyweight performer effectively. Former big-time free agents like Brian Cage, Lance Archer, and Jake Hager have been largely non-factors on the card. Even Wardlow, once considered a future world champion, has been out into the cooler after a red-hot start.

Powerhouse Hobbs could be the man to erase that past. He has the size and skills to take a huge step forward in the new year. Even more importantly, he’s got the fans behind him. That momentum will likely only grow as these video packages continue to air. And, as long as The MonSTAR is made to look strong in the eyes of the viewing audience.

All Elite Wrestling fans should expect to see Hobbs hold plenty of gold

As mentioned previously, AEW isn’t spending the money, time, and effort on these vignettes for nothing. It’s clear that they have a plan for the big man. It will be merely his job to execute it. From all accounts so far, that shouldn’t be a problem. The ball is in his court now, and it will only be a matter of time before he is contending for all of the promotion’s major titles. 

Make no mistake, by this time next year, Hobbs will be one of All Elite Wrestling’s leading men. There will be no doubting his natural charisma, as it will be on full display in the coming year. His star is on the rise, and his pro wrestling profile will only grow.

Will Hobbs will bask in his share of the spotlight in 2023… Perhaps even by holding the prestigious AEW World Championship high over his head. You’ve got to admit – That would be one hell of a way for this whole story to turn out in the end.

In fact? You couldn’t write a book any better than that.

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