Hangman Page Injury Revealed By AEW


“Hangman” Adam Page suffered an injury during a match with Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship on Tuesday Night Dynamite. Moxley nailed Page with a hard lariat as he was coming out of the corner, causing him to flip backward and land in a corkscrew fashion on his forehead and temple, and was seemingly unconscious afterwards. Referee Bryce Remsburg quickly notified All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dr. Michael Sampson. Sampson entered the ring quickly and joined Bryce in making sure Page was okay, before Bryce called for the bell, ruling the match a stoppage. From this point on the camera would not focus on Hangman Page at all, and the commentators began running down matches for the next week of shows to stall for time with ten minutes left in the show still.

As this was happening, Sampson and the medical team were loading Hangman onto a stretcher and carting him up the ramp. On the way up the ramp, Hangman Page gave a thumbs up and a wave to the crowd, which the people of Cincinnati responded to by chanting his name. Once they’d eaten enough time up, Moxley cut a promo saying he hoped that Hangman Page would be okay, before calling out MJF, who came out and teased cashing in his Poker Chip in before announcing he would cash it in at the Full Gear PPV instead to end the show. It was then reported by PWInsider and Dave Meltzer separately that Page had been taken to a hospital afterwards.

AEW’s Official Statement

AEW’s official Twitter account tweeted an official update on the situation at 12:20AM, announcing that Hangman had suffered a concussion, and that while the hospital discharged him, he will remain in AEW’s concussion protocol. They also (rightfully so) took care to commend the “exemplary” response from the medical staff and other personnel.

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