Yuna Mizumori Graduates from Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling

Yuna Mizumori Graduates from Gatoh Move

On a live stream that took place on the official Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling YouTube channel, Yuna Mizumori announced her graduation, or departure, from the promotion. Mizumori followed up by stating that this wasn’t due to injury or retirement, which was the case for fellow Gatoh Move alum Mitsuro Konno. In fact, Mizumori declared that she will become a freelance wrestler. Her last Gatoh Move match, which will be against trainer Emi Sakura, is set to take place on September 29.

Yuna Mizumori Departs Gatoh Move

What to Know About Gatoh Move’s Pineapple Girl

Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Yuna Mizumori attained fame as an idol, taking part in both singing and dancing. Her wrestling training began in 2017 under the tutelage of Emi Sakura. Becoming known as the colorful, vibrant, and powerful “Pineapple Girl,” Mizumori made her in-ring debut in February 2018. In addition to Sakura, “Yunamon” would have matches with many of Gatoh Move’s regulars, chief among them Mei Suruga. In fact, Mizumori and Suruga developed arguably the strongest rivalry in the promotion, working multiple matches against each other, not to mention growing as competitors, over the years. Furthermore, Mizumori became a prominent fixture in Gatoh Move’s ChocoPro series of events, putting on well-received matches and taking part in engaging character development to boot.

In terms of accolades, Mizumori has the distinction of being a 2x Asia Dream Tag Team Champion alongside SAKI of Actwres girl’Z, Pro Wrestling WAVE, and STARDOM fame. Together, Mizumori and SAKI became known as TropiKawaild. This team also holds the distinction of being the first winners of ChocoPro’s One of a Kind Tag League.

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