TropiKawaild Wins ChocoPro One of a Kind Tag League

ChocoPro 135 TropiKawaild Melt Brain Dancing

Earlier tonight, on ChocoPro #135, the finals of the One of a Kind Tag League took place. Following a series of matches in Block A and Block B, the top teams from both blocks met in the finals. The winners of Block A were Yuna Mizumori and SAKI, also known as TropiKawaild. Block B saw Melt Brain Dancing, the duo of PSYCHO and CHANGO, make their way to the top of their block. Given TropiKawaild’s status as multi-time Asia Dream Tag Team Champions and Melt Brain Dancing quickly becoming a formidable duo in Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, the final match could have gone either way. Following a competitive encounter, it was TropiKawaild that made history as the inaugural One of a Kind Tag League winners.

The One of a Kind Tag League final match began with Yuna Mizumori and CHANGO as the legal participants. They seemed evenly matched in terms of strength to begin. While “Yunamon” focused on sheer power, CHANGO seemed to rely on more underhanded tactics. Not long after, SAKI and PSYCHO tagged in, with the former fighting from underneath against the latter. Melt Brain Dancing attempted to double team SAKI, only for Mizumori to step in. This led to TropiKawaild executing their own tandem offense on PSYCHO. From there, all four wrestlers were active, with Emi Sakura, the referee of the match at hand, being very lenient with the rules.

From there, the trademark windows of Ichigaya Chocolate Square came into effect. Mizumori tossed CHANGO out of one of the windows, only for him and PSYCHO to turn the tables on TropiKawaild with stereo sentons back into the small venue. Melt Brain Dancing temporarily disposed of SAKI, leaving Gatoh Move’s “Pineapple Girl” to fight alone. Despite the punishment she was dealt, Mizumori remained in the fight. Mizumori, spirited offense and all, struggled against the combined efforts of PSYCHO and CHANGO. “Yunamon” was able to reverse an illegal choke from CHANGO, laying him out with a shoulder tackle, before making the hot tag to a fresh SAKI.

Using her own strength-based offense, SAKI took the fight to Melt Brain Dancing. Ever the crafty competitor, CHANGO laid out SAKI with a choking neckbreaker before tagging in PSYCHO. Not unlike his partner, PSYCHO wasn’t against using illegal tactics, much to the chagrin of Sakura. Mizumori soon intervened, assisting her partner against Melt Brain Dancing’s nefarious tactics. SAKI tagged in Mizumori, who struck PSYCHO with her signature “Papaya, Mango, Coconut” headbutt before following up with a flying knee strike. PSYCHO soon locked both TropiKawaild members in submissions before Mizumori caused a rope break for her team.

PSYCHO reversed a backdrop attempt from Mizumori, laying out “The Pineapple Girl” before making the tag to CHANGO. Once again, a weakened Mizumori stayed in the fight, kicking out of a nearfall. CHANGO cinched in a sleeper hold before driving Mizumori into the mat, quickly executing a dragon sleeper hold. At the same time, PSYCHO applied a triangle hold on SAKI. Though she struggled in the hold, Mizumori’s leg made it outside of the brown mat, causing a rope break. CHANGO was soon dumped outside, via the aforementioned window. However, he returned with his signature spray can to shift the odds back in Melt Brain Dancing’s favor. TropiKawaild seemed like they were on the cusp of victory, Mizumori executing a Superman-style pin for another nearfall. Melt Brain Dancing would score a few nearfalls of their own, the match ramping up in terms of excitement.

The match would soon reach its conclusion as both Mizumori and PSYCHO were dumped out through the window. SAKI acted quickly, however, as Mizumori scampered back atop the windowsill. From atop the windowsill in question, and with an assist from SAKI, Mizumori executed another Superman-style pin. One pinfall later and TropiKawaild emerged victorious as the winners of the first One of a Kind Tag League. Post-match, an emotional, exhausted Mizumori expressed her happiness over the victory. SAKI’s sentiments were just as jovial. They were soon presented with the One of a Kind Tag League trophy, which looked like a small tower of treats; an appropriate prize for the chocolate-themed show, to be certain.

As the winners of the One of a Kind Tag League, TropiKawaild are set to face Best Bros, Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki, for the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship. As stated earlier, neither Yuna Mizumori nor SAKI are strangers to tag team gold in Gatoh Move. Pre-ChocoPro, they won the Asia Dream Tag Team titles multiple times. Post-match, TropiKawaild and Best Bros exchanged words before shaking hands, though it was clear that there was tension between the two teams. They will face off on ChocoPro #136, with the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship on the line.

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