Rina Yamashita Debuts in Stardom

Hanako Nakamori & Rina Yamashita

At an August 27, Korakuen Hall event Joshi and deathmatch freelancer Rina Yamashita made her Stardom debut. Oedo Tai attacked Giulia at the beginning of the show before Yamashita ran out to fend off the group. Yamashita and Giulia then agreed to team in a hardcore rules tag match, likely taking place at Stardom in Showcase Volume 2.

Rina Yamashita Makes Stardom Debut

Yamashita is a well-known freelancer who has made waves in the deathmatch world where she competes in FREEDOMS and currently holds the GCW Ultraviolent Championship. Yamashita doesn’t necessarily need weapons as she is one of the stiffest wrestlers in all of Joshi, weapons just make her even more dangerous. One of the most impressive moves in Yamashita’s arsenal is the famous Joshi move Splash Mountain, which she inherited directly from Joshi legend Dynamite Kansai herself.

Rina Yamashita has competed all over Japan for almost every Joshi company there is including OZ Academy, Ice Ribbon, PURE-J, SEAdLINNNG, and Pro Wrestling WAVE. Even more impressively, she is a former champion in every one of these promotions.

Luckily for fans of Yamashita’s freelance work she is likely just in Stardom to compete at Showcase and won’t be joining full time. But it is exhilarating to see one of the best Joshi wrestlers around getting a chance to strut her stuff on the big stage of Stardom.

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