The 3 Count: SummerSlam 2022

WWE SummerSlam Preview
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Nashville – in the 35th annual summertime spectacle that is SummerSlam, WWE and its first official premium live event without Vincent Kennedy McMahon holding down the creative duties. Paul Levesque a.k.a. Triple H has officially taken the helm as head of WWE creative. So in the first official show of the Levesque era, we have witnessed multiple championship matches, big surprises, and a SummerSlam for the ages as we introduce the three count for SummerSlam 2022 for the McMahon-Helmsley-Khan regime.

SummerSlam 2022 – The Takeaways

1.) Bayley’s Return Was Crafted the Smartest

Continuity is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? After last year’s Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View, Bayley and then-SmackDown (now Raw) Women’s Champion Bianca Belair were supposed to face off in a I Quit match. However, Bayley’s legitimate injury would sideline her until SummerSlam 2022, keeping her away for a whole calendar year.

This is a subtle yet effective show of continuity storyline-wise in the new regime as Bayley who wasn’t able to compete against then Smackdown (now Raw) Women’s Champion Bianca Belair due to a legitimate injury, causing Bayley to miss action for over a year.

Bayley was the perfect next rivalry after a spirited match against “Big Time” Becky Lynch, who seemingly turned face aligning with Belair as a token of respect as the Role Model returned alongside a returning and promoted Dakota Kai and IYO SKY (Shirai) as a new faction of to compete on the Raw brand.

2.) The Celebrity Matches Delivered and Then Some

First, let’s talk about The Miz vs Logan Paul. What a match by these two and what an athletic spectacle that Logan Paul showed. As much of a controversial figure he has proved to be with YouTube and his podcast, the one thing there’s no denying is his skill set in only match two of his young WWE career.

He has the skill set of a wrestler who’s been on the independent scene for a few years.

The fact that The Miz, Ciampa, and Maryse Ouellet-Mizanin managed to turn someone as unlikeable as Paul into one of the more popular moments of a night like this is a testament to their collective work.

Also, what a showing by SmackDown color commentator, Pat McAfee. As a football fan, not a lot of people really see punters as the picture-perfect example of athletic prowess. However, as the kids would say it, McAfee is built different. We shouldn’t even be surprised truthfully especially with his rivalry in the last days of the original black and gold, as McAfee was a standout gonna against now-All Elite Wrestling star Adam Cole and the remaining members of the Undisputed Era.

McAfee is everything right that a wrestling fan is under the commentary table and ring. A man who is living their dream and embracing the fun of this ridiculous business.

Kick Out: Can We Please Give Michael Cole His Flowers?

Many fans forget the greatness of Michael Cole due to the direction and handling of WWE booking for so long. People neglect that Cole is a decent play-by-play announcer when they are able to loosen up and have fun, like examples 2015’s Beast in the East special or the 2017 UK Championship tournament, Cole is able to do well as the lead commentator on the headset when given the freedom to be that voice of reason on commentary.

The banter between him and Raw Color Commentator Corey Graves was second to none. It felt natural, funny, and fun, which commentary for WWE was missing. Moments like this are a huge reason why people like AEW color commentator Taz and former color commentator John Layfield praised Cole over the years.

3.) If This is the Last Ride of Brock Lesnar, What a Ride the Beast Has Given Us This Past Year

It was a year ago in Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas when Brock Lesnar returned to WWE television since losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36.

Lesnar was the absolute most entertaining that he has been career-wise since his final days in his first tenure in WWE, showing a character of a light-hearted yet effective badass of a character who happens to wear a cowboy hat.

Cowboy Lesnar grew in popularity as he talked on the microphone more, became a natural face, and loved to exercise his authority over others. In this time, the mission of Roman Reigns being put over was complete. Lesnar also was able to give the fans a dream match with Bobby Lashley despite shenanigans, Lashley won his second WWE Championship, and also, Lesnar gave the fans some of the wildest moments ever, and this match solidified that.

Who would’ve thought that Brock Lesnar pulling up to Nashville in a tractor would be the most entertaining part of SummerSlam 2022? After the night’s festivities, it seemed Lesnar gave a curtain call to the fans at Nissan Stadium, and a show of respect was given to Lesnar as a standing ovation was given to him after the match as well as behind the scenes with a warm and emotional embrace between Paul Heyman and Lesnar.

If this was the last time we got Lesnar in a high profile matchup like this, then this was a wild ride.

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