Match Point: JONAH vs Jeff Cobb, Warrior Wrestling 22 (5/28/22)

Warrior Wrestling Jeff Cobb vs JONAH
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Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. At Warrior Wrestling 22 JONAH takes on Jeff Cobb. Let’s take a closer look.

At Warrior Wrestling 24 in Collinsville Illinois on Saturday, March 28th Jeff Cobb and JONAH will collide. The two men bring size to the ring but are also incredibly athletic and bring speed and flying ability to the ring. This high-stakes match can be seen on FITE TV, and it is one that you won’t want to miss.

“Jeff Cobb vs. JONAH is going to be an incredible spectacle. It’s rare that you find a super heavyweight athlete who is lightning-quick and can move like a puma. It’s rarer when you find two. It’s rarest when those two freak athletes clash! This is going to be something that no wrestling fan will want to miss!”  – Steve Tortorello, Warrior Wrestling Promoter.

JONAH vs Jeff Cobb – What to Know

Archer vs. JONAH was scheduled to happen at Warrior 22
Photo / Warrior Wrestling

JONAH’s Journey

JONAH was originally scheduled to make his Warrior Wrestling debut at Warrior Wrestling 20 in Indianapolis. He was to make his debut against Lance Archer, but travel issues due to weather prevented him from making his debut. Now he will step into a Warrior Wrestling ring for the first time on May 28th. JONAH has been traveling around promotions such as IMPACT, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), PWG, DEFY, and more.

JONAH has picked up some big wins over the likes of PCO, Mike Bailey, Blake Christian, and others. He made his presence felt in New Japan Pro Wrestling during Battle of the Valley when he attacked David Finlay and Juice Robinson. That turned into a feud that played out on NJPW STRONG. He defeated David Finlay in a singles match at the Nemesis STRONG show but would come up short in tag action with Bad Dude Tito against FinJuice at New Beginning USA. JONAH and Tito got revenge at the Rivals show. FinJuice squared off with JONAH and Shane Haste, known as TMDK in a match that ended in a disqualification. The feud ended at Windy City Riot where FinJuice and Brody King defeated TMDK and Bad Dude Tito in a violent street fight.

In IMPACT Wrestling JONAH has been locked in a feud with PCO. The two first locked up at Battleground Championship Wrestling in a street fight where JONAH came out on top. The feud moved to IMPACT Wrestling with JONAH getting a win at Sacrifice. They locked up a couple of weeks later on IMPACT on AXS TV in which JONAH was victorious again. JONAH teamed with Josh Alexander to defeat Moose and PCO at Multiverse of Matches during WrestleCon. They last locked up in a Monsters Ball match on IMPACT in which JONAH was again victorious. Momentum is on the side of JONAH going into this big match at Warrior Wrestling 22.

Cobb’s Journey

Much like his opponent in this match, Jeff Cobb has spent a lot of time in New Japan Pro Wrestling lately. Unlike JONAH though, Jeff Cobb has stepped into a Warrior Wrestling ring before. Cobb’s history with Warrior Wrestling goes all the way back to the promotion’s second-ever event. He competed in the first-ever War of Attrition match in Warrior Wrestling to crown the first-ever Warrior Wrestling champion. Cobb was teamed with  Rey Mysterio, Austin Aries, and Rich Swann, and the team was eliminated in the first fall of the match. Cobb returned in 2020 during the Friday Night Lights show. He was defeated in a fatal four-way match that also included Brian Cage, Lane Archer, and Sam Adonis.

Since November of 2020 Cobb has been a part of the United Empire under the leadership of Warrior Wrestling champion Will Ospreay. He joined shortly after Great-O-Khan making him part of the original three members of the group. He found himself against JONAH in a STRONG ring during the Mutiny event as Cobb along with fellow United Empire members Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher defeated JONAH, Shane Haste, and Bad Dude Tito.

Cobb is coming off of a big loss at Wrestling Dontaku as he and Great-O-Khan lost the IWGP Tag Team Championships to Chase Ownes and Bad Luck Fale. Cobb and Khan had just won the title at Hyper Battle a few weeks earlier. Cobb and company were also on the losing end of a match against TMDK at Capital Collision in Washington DC. The action in that match gave us a brief preview of what we can expect when these two lock up in one on one action. Although they have been on opposite ends of the ring from one another this year in NJPW, we finally get to see them lock up in a Warrior Wrestling ring.

Jeff Cobb vs JONAH Warrior 22
Photo / Warrior Wrestling

JONAH vs Jeff Cobb Goes Down in Collinsville

The two were in an eight-man tag team match at NJPW Capital Collision on May 14th. Although it was a tag match the two did get a chance to lock up and they stood toe to toe and went shot for shot in the middle of the ring. Both men went down to the canvas and it showed just how evenly matched they are.
Once all eight members of the match were back in the ring the two went to blows again. It spilled outside the ring where the two continued to give each other their best shot. After the match, the two stared each other down before being separated by their respective teams. This gave fans a great preview of what to expect at Warrior Wrestling 22. Two evenly matched men who leave it all in the ring in Collinsville on May 28th.

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