Match Point: Bandido vs. Jonathan Gresham, Supercard of Honor (4/1/22)

Bandido Jonathan Gresham
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Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. This edition looks at Bandido versus Jonathan Gresham at Supercard of Honor. 

Ring of Honor is back. After Final Battle 2021, the promotion went on hiatus after the release of much of their roster in the fall of 2021. Final Battle was seen as the end of an era. The future seemed uncertain for Ring of Honor and much of the roster. Supercard of Honor was announced in January of 2022 as the official return of Ring of Honor. A couple of months later, Tony Khan announced that he had purchased Ring of Honor. This will be the first event of the new era of Ring of Honor and the first under the reign of Tony Khan. The main event will finish up some unfinished business from Final Battle 2021 and the previous era of ROH.

Bandido vs Jonathan Gresham – A Deeper Dive

Bandido and Gresham was suppose to happen at Final Battle
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Bandido Was Never Pinned For The Title

The main event of Supercard of Honor was intended to be Bandido, defending his ROH World Championship against Jonathan Gresham. Bandido had won the title from RUSH at Best in the World and had an impressive run as champion. He defeated Flip Gordon, Matt Taven, and Alex Zayne in singles action to defend the title. He also retained the title in a four corners elimination match that included Brody King, Demonic Flamita, and EC3. Bandido was scheduled to defend against the man that put pure wrestling back in ROH.

The match did not take place at Final Battle though. Bandido contracted COVID-19 and was unable to appear at the show to defend the title. This left the main event in jeopardy and meant the ROH World Championship would not be present at the final event of the previous era of Ring of Honor. Jay Lethal stepped up to take the match with Gresham in the main event of the night. The match was contested for the original ROH World Championship which Gresham won. Gresham has the title of ROH World Champion, but Bandido was never pinned for his belt. Bandido has since defended it against Baron Black at the first-ever TERMINUS event, which was put on by Gresham.

Bandido and Gresham will unify the belts at Supercard of Honor. He has the chance to prove that he is the undisputed and rightful Ring of Honor World Champion. Bandido has the speed and flying ability on his side entering this match. Will it be enough for him to walk out of Texas as the undisputed champion?
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Gresham Represents Pure Wrestling

Jonathan Gresham has had a great Ring of Honor run over the past couple of years. He won the Pure Championship Tournament in 2020 and became the first ROH Pure Champion since 2006. He held the title for 317 days before losing the title to Josh Woods. In addition, Gresham was a key part of The Foundation, a group that strived to restore honor in Ring of Honor.

The group started in 2020 and feuded with other factions such as La Faccion Ingobernable, VLNCE UNLTD, and Shane Taylor Promotions. La Faccion Ingobernable wanted to take over Ring of Honor with their ungovernable ways. VLNCE UNLTD had its own agenda that surrounded violence. Even though they claimed there is honor in violence, the Foundation did not see it that way. Gresham was often on the frontline of matches to defend the honor of the Foundation and Ring of Honor from 2020 until Final Battle 2021.

No one was more deserving of the chance to end the previous era of ROH than Gresham. When Bandido was no longer able to defend the title, Gresham found himself against fellow Foundation member Jay Lethal. During the hour one show of Final Battle, it was announced that the match would be for the original ROH World Championship. The two had an incredible back and forth match. The entire locker room emptied out by the end of the match to see who would end that era of ROH as champion. Gresham emerged victoriously and continued to carry the banner for ROH the same way he had done for years prior.

Gresham has defended the title against a variety of wrestlers in promotions such as GCW, IMPACT, TERMINUS, PROGRESS, DEFY, and many others. Now he has the chance to defeat Bandido and become the undisputed ROH World Champion.

Bandido vs Gresham
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Bandido vs Jonathan Gresham – Final Thoughts

Jonathan Gresham and Bandido will wrestle for the ROH World Championship. They are also competing for the right to carry the ROH flag into the next era of ROH. It isn’t known yet what ROH will look like under the leadership of Tony Khan. Whoever has their hand raised at the end of this one will become the face of the next era of ROH. Both men have a legitimate claim to the Ring of Honor Championship. Only one will walk out of Texas as champion. Will the speed and high flying ability of Bandido be enough to overcome the pure technical wrestling ability of Jonathan Gresham? We will find out at Supercard of Honor.

Supercard of Honor Will Be Live on FITE TV on April 1st at 6 pm Central Time

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