Indie Watch: Alec Price

Alec Price
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Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This time, we take a look at the breakout star of Beyond Wrestling, Alec Price.

The future of professional wrestling in the United States goes through the independent wrestling scene. Every great wrestler has their early days where they are figuring it out and putting it all together so that one day they will be a household name. In recent memory, young wrestlers like Daniel Garcia, Lee Moriarty, and Masha Slamovich have all become stars on the independent scene and it’s earned them contracts with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and IMPACT Wrestling. With them still wrestling on the indies but their futures already determined, it’s time fans look for the “next big thing.” The next wrestler to become a superstar without being in the major promotion. By all accounts, Alec Price is going to be that guy. Actually, he already may be that guy.

The Massachusetts native has burst onto the scene over the last year. His work in Beyond Wrestling has been the standout more than anything, showing that he is the promotions ace through his work in the Wrestling Open and Uncharted Territory shows. He’s been taking on everyone and anyone, displaying advanced knowledge that only the best have so early on in their career. It’s not just Beyond that he’s making his splash in, however, as he is the reigning Limitless World Champion after winning it at the end of 2021. Limitless is fitting for a guy like Alec Price, as his potential happens to be exactly that – limitless. He hits hard, he can soar through the air, and he has the pedigree to be a winner.

To get the idea of who Alec Price is, you can’t start at Beyond or Limitless but rather UFO Wrestling in the Boston area. Price was trained by The Bell Time Club’s Bea Douglas, Benny Jux, and Paul Richard. He’d make his in-ring debut on June 21, 2017, against Jux, defeating him to immediately show why “The Prize” isn’t just a nickname. It wasn’t long before Price started to venture into more of the New England area, competing in Showcase Pro, Northeast Championship Wrestling, and Big Time Wrestling. As any young wrestler does, Price was getting reps and those reps would soon become opportunities.

Price first popped into Limitless in 2019 as he won a seven-way on April 20 and started to rack up wins that would go a long way into why he’s where he is today. His match against JD Drake at Limitless Twilight Zone, however, would be the true test for Price to this point in his career. Drake, of course, is a seasoned veteran who was a key member of EVOLVE at this time. He has been one of the best wrestlers for up-and-coming talents to challenge. Price was defeated by Drake but it was a match worth remembering.

“The Prize” would finally make his Beyond Wrestling debut as he’d enter the Pride of New England Tournament for Tomorrow. Alec Price would defeat the reigning EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs in the first round, instantly picking up what would be called an upset by anyone not named Price. That’s the confidence that has carried him to where he is today and in his first televised match in Beyond, he was pulling off an upset and moving on in the tournament. The run would come to a halt when he’d meet Christian Casanova (AKA WWE’s Carmelo Hayes) in the semi-finals and suffer a loss. Yet, even with that loss, Price felt made and was the star on the rise just two years into his career.

2020 wasn’t the best year for independent wrestling as a whole with COVID-19 setting restrictions for all promotions across the country but Price was able to at least make an impact in Limitless. He’d face the likes of Jake Something, Danhausen, Ace Romero, and Daniel Garcia – all talents who have been signed in the past number of years to IMPACT and AEW. His match with Garcia was actually a four-way between them, Drake, and Casanova for the vacant Limitless World Championship on Dec. 19, 2020. It was not Price’s time to capture the title. But he showed that he was just as good as anyone in that match and would use that to catapult him into an impressive 2021.

It’d be the year of “The Prize” as Price was able to compete in the most as he’d venture outside of the New England area and become a constant in Beyond, establishing his status as the ace of the promotion. Price was now becoming the test for some of the biggest names who came into Beyond. The 23-year-old picked up notable wins over Chris Dickinson, Rhett Titus, Slade, Rickey Shane Page, Tracy Williams, former ROH World Champion Matt Taven, and Blake Christian. He was the measuring stick for anyone and everyone. Price and B3CCA, The Prize City Hooligans, became the self-proclaimed “Ace and Queen” of independent wrestling. Their relationship would raise the game of both but was the addition to the confidence of Price that made him that much better in the squared circle. 

On Nov. 13, 2021, Price’s work paid off. At Limitless Prized Possession, “The Prize” defeated Anthony Greene to win the Limitless World Championship. Not only was it the first title of his career, but further the notion that this is his time. His time to become “the guy” of independent wrestling. When 2022 comes around and people are asking “who was the independent wrestler of the year?” Price will be at the top of the list. His match with JD Drake from Limitless’ Wrestival show to kick off 2022 is the one to take into account. Drake was his first major test back in 2019 and he wasn’t able to overcome the veteran at the time. Now? Price not only defeated Drake but successfully defended his Limitless World Championship at the same time. Everything is coming together as he establishes himself as one of the best already.

“The Prize” is carving out his spot and there’s nothing that will stop him from reaching the top of the wrestling business. In five years, everyone will know the name Alec Price.

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