The Creed Brothers Need to Win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The Creed Brothers

WWE NXT is in the midst of holding one of the more prestigious tournaments that the company has to offer, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The elimination style tournament has been held seven different times starting in 2015. It has been the pathway to stardom for many tag teams within the confines of the (former) black and gold brand. Teams such as MSK and The Authors of Pain have raised the trophy at one point during their tenure. The classic has also been used to advance many storylines, as Roderick Strong turned on his tag partner Pete Dunne to join the Undisputed Era during the 2018 edition of the tournament. Although NXT looks much different these days with the colorful new rebranding, the 2022 edition of the cup is still rather important as the NXT tag scene seems to be lacking severely. The lineup of teams, while not bad, isn’t very appealing. Teams like Chase University (Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward) and the duo of Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs aren’t very established quite yet. MSK is probably a heavy favorite to win the tournament and repeat last year’s victory, but I personally hope the company goes a different route. Let’s look at why The Creed Brothers should take the cup home this year.

Why The Creed Brothers Should Win The Dusty Rhodes Classic

The Creed Brothers, composed of Brutus & Julius Creed, are the best “newcomer’ tag team on the NXT scene. Despite only making their debut in August of 2021, the Creed Brothers are leagues ahead of some of the other 2.0-era tag teams in every sense of the term. Their in-ring work combined with the marvelous comparing with Malcolm Bivens has worked out fantastically for them so far. This is why I believe they should defeat MSK in the final round and ultimately win the 2022 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

MSK, who’ve already had a lengthy reign at the top that didn’t seem to quite work out, wouldn’t benefit much from going back-to-back and winning the tournament again. Despite the mixed fan reaction they get, they’re more than established and honestly shouldn’t be in NXT much longer. If The Creed Brothers were to win, especially by defeating MSK, they would immediately become an established top tag team and be in the running to win the NXT Tag Team Titles down the line. If WWE is so invested in turning NXT into a brand that is solely focused on creating the future, this would be the correct move to make.

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