Potential Feuds Between IMPACT and ROH

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Ring of Honor (ROH) made their presence felt at IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard to Kill. Following a brutal five-on-five Hardcore War match, The OGK, Vincent, PCO, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett made their way to the ring and beat down a handful of already exhausted IMPACT Wrestlers. With ROH coming back in April and seemingly looking to challenge some IMPACT talent, I looked at some feuds that I wouldn’t mind seeing play out in an IMPACT or ROH ring.

Potential ROH and IMPACT Feuds

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The OGK vs. The Good Brothers

This one seems destined to happen. After Matt Taven and Mike Bennett lead the assault on IMPACT they picked up the IMPACT Tag Titles with Taven exclaiming “I’ll be taking these”. The titles are currently held by The Good Brothers. The Good Brothers are no strangers to inter-promotional matches. They spent a decent amount of time in 2021 inside of an AEW ring as part of The Elite. They are in their second reign as tag champions and have been a core part of IMPACT Wrestling since the summer of 2020.

Taven and Bennett are obviously out for gold. They held the ROH Tag Titles together twice and carried them going into Final Battle 2021. They lost the belts to The Briscoes at Final Battle, and are hungry for another tag title reign. The competition would be tough in the form of The Good Brothers, but Taven and Bennett have proven they can hold their own when the pressure is on.

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Vincent vs. Crazzy Steve

Two men who strike fear into the rest of their respective rosters, Vincent and Crazzy Steve. Both bring a terrifying appearance with them into the ring. They both also are key parts of factions that could expand into the feud. Vincent is part of The Righteous alongside Bateman, Dutch, and Vita VonStarr. Crazzy Steve on the other hand has Decay in his corner with Black Taurus, Rosemary, and Havok. Regardless of whether Vincent and Steve met in a one-on-one match or if the respective stables were involved this feud would be a lot of fun.

There is plenty of room to expand into tag team or four on four matches as well. With the collection of characters from both The Righteous and Decay, there is no shortage of potential matchups between the two teams.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards has been called the heartbeat of IMPACT Wrestling for his deep connection with the fans. He is one that can and has carried the IMPACT banner for some time. The same could be said about Jonathan Gresham who was key to rebuilding the Pure Divison in Ring of Honor throughout 2020 and 2021. Gresham was the Pure Champion for over 300 days after winning the Pure Tournament in 2020. He was a key part of The Foundation faction and was at the forefront of the faction warfare for much of 2020 and 2021.

Although Edwards has taken on more of a brawling style, he is no stranger to technical wrestling. He is also no stranger to ROH as he was the first triple crown winner in ROH. During his time as part of The Wolves with Davey Richards, Edwards showed his technical wrestling ability in IMPACT Wrestling. Although he doesn’t utilize it as much as he use to, he could dig deep enough to find it. What better person to bring it out of Edwards than the man who was instrumental in the rebirth of the Ring of Honor Pure Title?

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Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rok-C

Of all the feuds between ROH and IMPACT on this list, this one is already getting underway. Deonna Purrazzo will put her AAA Reina De Reinas Title on the line against Rok-C’s ROH Women’s Title on IMPACT on AXS TV. This started back at Final Battle 2021, when Purrazzo interrupted Rok-C’s post-match celebration. Rok-C had just retained her title and was likely to end the era of ROH as the champion. Purrazzo interrupted and promised to defeat Mickie James at Hard to Kill and regain the Knockouts Title. Her intentions were simple, challenge Rok-C to a winner take all match, and gain the title she claimed was meant for her.

Hard to Kill did not go the way Purrazzo had hoped. She will still get her match with Rok-C however, but she will put her AAA Title instead of an IMPACT Title on the line. This match represents two different eras of ROH. Purrazzo competed in ROH from 2015-2018 whereas Rok-C began competing in ROH in 2021. Rok-C won the Women of Honor tournament and became the inaugural ROH World Women’s Champion in the process. As the first official match in the ROH and IMPACT crossover, this one will set the tone for the crossover matches to come.

Bandido vs. Trey Miguel

Bandido and Trey Miguel both utilize a high-flying and fast-paced style in the ring. They are both also no strangers to hard-hitting matches. When Bandido defeated RUSH to capture the ROH World Title, he had to compete with the pure strength of RUSH. He also survived a brutal beatdown following his victory courtesy of the rest of La Facción Ingobernable. He also successfully defended his title in a four-way elimination match where he had to outlast Brody King, Flamita, and EC3. Bandido has been able to capitalize on his speed and high-flying ability to win big matches.

Trey Miguel is coming off of a brutal match against Steve Maclin at Hard to Kill. The match featured plenty of the speed and flying that Trey has become known for. It also showed his grit as he defeated an opponent that had a clear size and strength advantage over him. Although if these two were to square up the styles would be similar, they have both proven they can take on opponents of bigger stature and come out victorious.

Moose vs. PCO

Moose is the current IMPACT Champion. He retained his title in a triple threat match over W.Morrissey and Matt Cardona at Hard to Kill. Moose has strength and size on his side and is showing no sign of slowing down. This could mean the title will stay out of any IMPACT or ROH wrestler’s hand for the foreseeable future. Although Moose has strength and size on his side he is also incredibly agile. The same could be said for PCO.

PCO was part of the invasion at Hard to Kill. He landed a huge top rope bomb off of the top rope onto the ring apron as he often does during the invasion. Although Moose has the age advantage PCO can match the strength, size, and agility of Moose if the two were to step into a ring together.

The Allure vs. The Influence

The Influence consists of Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne. The duo definitely believes that IMPACT Wrestling is “All About Them”. Kaleb With A K is never too far behind to document the ongoings of The Influence. Madison Rayne is a veteran of IMPACT Wrestling and has appeared in the IMPACT Zone since 2009. She was part of a key faction known as The Beautiful People during the start of her IMPACT career. One of her partners in the group was Angelina Love.

Angelina Love is now a part of Ring of Honor and The Allure stable. Along with Mandy Leon, they have taken the ROH Women’s Division by storm, insisting they are the best in the division. They often use underhanded tactics to win their matches and have bullied other roster members such as Quinn McKay. These two factions have similar attitudes and Rayne and Love are no strangers to each other. Seeing them stand across the ring from each other would be a fitting feud between ROH and IMPACT.

Potential ROH and IMPACT Feuds – In Closing

The roster crossover between ROH and IMPACT has endless possibilities. The potential matchups and feuds between IMPACT and ROH is an exciting thought, and I can’t wait to see how things play out between the two rosters. That is my wish list of IMPACT and ROH feuds. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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