#AndNEW: Daisuke Harada Captures GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

Daisuke Harada Heavyweight

Pro Wrestling NOAH recently finished up with its N-Innovation Tour. A tour that was made to showcase the juniors of NOAH. At the start of the tour, Daisuke Harada won a rumble to gain a spot at the GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, HAYATA.

Daisuke Harada and HAYATA faced off towards the end of 2021, with HAYATA defeating Daisuke Harada to retain his championship. HAYATA at this point has been the defending title since June of last year. Having a very successful reign as champion, while also being incredibly close to breaking the defense record of Taiji Ishimori. HAYATA’s reign featured great bouts from the likes of Yoshinari Ogawa, Tadasuke, Kotaro Suzuki, Aleja, and even his opponent, Daisuke Harada on one occasion.

Daisuke Harada Captures GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

This would lead to the main match of this show, HAYATA vs. Daisuke Harada the rematch. With the result being a crowning of a new champion. In a 27-minute match, when Daisuke Harada would defeat HAYATA to capture the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. This ended the 7-month reign of HAYATA. This championship marks Daisuke Harada’s 6th time holding the championship. With his last title defense being in mid-2020.

Daisuke Harada celebrated among the NOAH fans, while also saying he’s going to make the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship better than the GHC Heavyweight Championship. He also stated he would further the foothold that NOAH’s Junior Division has for the promotion’s future. But this does come at a cost. Earlier on in the show, Seiki Yoshioka and Yuya Susumu would battle Hajime Ohara and Atsushi Kotoge in a match that would lead to a 20-minute draw.

After this match, Susumu and Yoshioka would challenge Kotoge and Ohara to a faction battle match at Bumper Crop on January 16th. Which will feature STINGER’s main four members vs. NOAH’s Main Unit. Which does include Daisuke Harada and HAYATA. There’s no confirmed first challenge for Harada yet, but that could change in this upcoming bout. With NOAH’s main unit losing their opportunity as the GHC Jr. Tag Team Champions. Will NOAH’s Main Unit lose their opportunity or will we be seeing the STINGER vs. STINGER Battle? We’ll find out at Bumper Crop on January 16th.

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