Preview: Ice Ribbon – Yokohama Ribbon 2021 (12/18/21)

Ice Ribbon Yokohama Ribbon 2021
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Ice Ribbon will be returning to Yokohama for its pay-per-view show, Yokohama Ribbon 2021. No titles are on the line, unfortunately, but the champions will compete. 

Yokohama Ribbon 2021 – Full Card

Kuku Cherry Banny Oikawa Yappy Yokohama Ribbon 2021

Cherry and Kiku vs Banny Oikawa and Yappy

Yokohama Ribbon 2021 starts off with a tag team match. Cherry is the veteran of the match and she will be teaming with the newest member of the roster, Kiku. These two have teamed up before and make a solid duo. The same can be said for Banny Oikawa and Yappy, who lean more towards a comedy style compared to their opponents. Don’t expect high work rate from this match, but it will be fun. 

Asahi Saran Yokohama Ribbon 2021

Asahi vs Saran

The youngest member of the Ice Ribbon gets a singles match on the card. Saran will be taking on Asahi, another lesser experienced member of the roster. This won’t be the most polished, top-class match, but it will be good for both young women to get their chance in a singles match to shine. 

Maika Ozaki, Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi vs Miku Aono, Suzu Suzuki and Yuuki Mashiro

Maika Ozaki, Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi vs Miku Aono, Suzu Suzuki and Yuuki Mashiro

After the surprise announcement of multiple Ice Ribbon members leaving, Suzu Suzuki and Mochi Miyagi, who are part of Prominence, find themselves on opposite sides of the ring. Miyagi teams up with her Lovely Butchers partner, Hamuko Hoshi, and the Triangle Ribbon Champion, Maika Ozaki, to take on Suzuki, Miku Aono of Actwres girl’Z, and “Gacha King” Yuuki Mashiro. This match could go either way; all of these women have been an important part of Ice Ribbon in one way or another. It could very well fly under the radar and be an exciting match for fans. 

Risa Sera and Akane Fujita vs Nao Ishikawa and Kaho Matsushita

Risa Sera and Akane Fujita vs Nao Ishikawa and Kaho Matsushita

Two more members of the breakout group Prominence, Risa Sera and Akane Fujita, take on two rookies of Ice Ribbon. Nao Ishikawa has been finding her stride once again after stumbling along her journey due to injuries that have put a pause on her progress. With Sera and Fujita, leaving the company at the end of the year, it seems like this match will be building the new generation of Ice Ribbon – Ishikawa and Kaho Matsushita, in this case – by making them look good. Nonetheless, the veterans will more than likely walk away as winners. 

Ice Ribbon Yokohama Ribbon 2021

Tsukushi Haruka, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Totoro Satsuki vs RebelxEnemy Maya Yukihi, Ram Kaicho and Rina Yamashita

RebelxEnemy reunite after a brief hiatus due to Maya Yukihi being International Ribbon Tag Team Champions with Risa Sera, but it’s more than welcome. Yukihi teams with Ram Kaicho and Rina Yamashita to take on Tsukasa Fujimoto, Totoro Satsuki, and ICExInfinity Champion Tsukushi Haruka. RebelxEnemy work amazing together when they are given the chance and this will be no different. However, since they’re taking on the champion, Haruka, this won’t be easy. The only guarantee from this match is that it will be worthy of the main event. With wrestlers of this level, it’s worth watching the entire show just for the main event. 

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