Match Point: Superkliq vs Christian Cage and Jurassic Express Full Gear 2021 (11/13/21)

superkliq vs jurassic express and christian cage
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Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. This edition looks at The Superkliq against Jurassic Express and Christian Cage at Full Gear 2021

AEW presents Full Gear this Saturday night live from the Target Center. The main event will see Kenny Omega defend the AEW World Title against Hangman Adam Page. While Omega defending the title, his friends and fellow EVP’s The Young Bucks will team with Adam Cole as The SuperKliq to take on Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. Cage, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus have had issues with The Elite before and after Adam Cole joined AEW. Let’s take a closer look at this personal Fall Count Anywhere match.

SuperKliq vs Christian Cage and Jurassic Express – A Deeper Dive

Superkliq Back in Action
Photo Credit / All Elite Wrestling

SuperKliq Returns

Kenny Omega has held the AEW World Title since December of last year. Since then The Young Bucks, The Good Brothers, Brandon Cutler, and Don Callis have never been far behind. The Elite has had Omega’s back and often interfered in his matches. They added another member to the ranks of The Elite when Adam Cole made his surprise debut at All Out. The SuperKliq was together once again as the Bucks and Cole were reunited in AEW. It didn’t the SuperKliq long for them to get back to their old ways as the trio along with the rest of The Elite attacked Christian Cage and Jurassic Express after Omega retained the AEW World Title at All Out.

The two teams squared off at the Grand Slam edition of Dynamite in a trios match. The SuperKliq came out victories that night, but the feud was far from over. Cole defeated Jungle Boy the following week on Dynamite. The Elite also defeated the team of Bryan Danielson, Cage, and Jurrasic Express in an 8-man tag match on Dynamite. The rivalry kicked into the next gear when The Elite jumped Jurassic Express. This culminated in Jungle Boy being tossed from the entrance ramp to the arena floor, crashing through a table on the way down.

The SuperKliq will need to rely on their teamwork and their chemistry to win this match. They have been a successful tag unit in the past when all three were members of Bullet Club. They competed in ROH and NJPW from 2016-2017. Although they have only been teaming again for the past couple of months, the chemistry is still flowing between the three members. Although The Jurassic Express has teamed together since before the start of AEW, Cage is a newcomer to the tag team. The SuperKliq will need to rely on that chemistry to win this Fall Count Anywhere match against Christian and The Jurassic Express.

Christan Cage and Jurassic Express

Christian Cage Takes Out Adam Cole
Photo Credit / All Elite Wrestling

Christian’s issues with The Elite as a whole started long before his issues with The SuperKliq. He and Omega battled for the IMPACT World Title on the debut episode of AEW Rampage. They met again in the main event of All Out where Cage battled Omega for the AEW World Title. The leadup to both matches saw Cage on the receiving end of the numbers advantage from the Elite. The Dynamite before All Out ended with Cage receiving a beat down from The Elite inside of a steel cage. Through all of his issues with The Elite, Jurassic Express often was there to assist Cage and even up the numbers.

This culminated after Cage lost to Omega at All Out. Jurassic Express came to even up the odds after Cage was receiving another beatdown from The Elite. As Adam Cole made his AEW debut, it briefly looked like he would align himself with Cage and Jurassic Express. This changed with one superkick to Jungle Boy that started the build to this match. As the teams battled on AEW television over the next couple of months the rivalry became more and more heated. As mentioned earlier, Jungle Boy was tossed off the stage through a table. Cage returned the favor with a signature Con-Chair-To to Adam Cole on the top of the entrance ramp. This left Cole’s head spinning two days later when he battled John Silver on an episode of Rampage. The feud has reached boiling point, and the Falls Count Anywhere match could become hard-hitting very quickly.

Christian Cage will rely on his tag team expertise and veteran knowledge to lead Jurassic Express into this match against The SuperKliq. He is no stranger to tag matches getting extreme as we have seen in his many TLC matches. That experience will be crucial as he teams with a younger Jungle boy and Luchasaurus.

Full Gear 2021: SuperKliq vs Christian Cage and Jurassic Express

Superkliq vs Christian Cage and Jurassic Express Full Gear 2021
Photo Credit / All Elite Wrestling

This feud has escalated every week since Cole’s arrival at All Out. The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation adds another element to the match. The Bucks are no strangers to high-flying spots. Cole is also no stranger to heights as we saw during his time with NXT, specifically when took a fall from the top of the War Games structure from Tommaso Ciampa.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus both have speed and agility on their side, which will be necessary for this match. Christian Cage has the veteran knowledge entering this match and is no stranger to high-stakes tag matches.

Will Christian Cage and Jurassic Express vanquish the SuperKliq? Or will The SuperKliq stand tall in this Falls Count Anywhere match? Find out this Saturday night when AEW presents Full Gear.

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