Kennedi Copeland Wins H2O Tremont Deathmatch Tournament 2021

Kennedi Copeland Wins Tremont Deathmatch Tournament
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Main photo of Kennedi Copeland by Earl Gardner.

Matt Tremont is a deathmatch legend. From 2007 until his retirement last year, Tremont helped build deathmatch wrestling in the U.S. to an art form that is seeing an unmatched renaissance, alongside such notables as Nick Gage, Alex Colon, and many more. Last year he retired a former 399-day Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) World Champion and 294-day Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) World Champion, and a man who had won such prestigious tournaments as IWA Mid-South King of the Deathmatches (2014, 2015), CZW Tournament of Death 14 (2015), and GCW Nick Gage Invitational 2 (2017). As well as being a leading performer in the deathmatch community, he also owned Hardcore Hustle Organization (H2O), a promotion he started in 2016 that is only getting stronger by the day. In 2017, he started the H2O Hardcore Kingdom series, and this year, he christened the inaugural H2O Tremont Deathmatch Tournament, the first one under H2O’s banner to feature Tremont’s name. And on Saturday, October 30, it was Kennedi Copeland, a six-year pro who has found her calling in the world of the ultraviolent, who was crowned the tournament’s inaugural victor.

Kennedi Copeland first bested Neil Diamond Cutter, Austin Luke, and Chuck Payne in the opening round’s four-way deathmatch, before beating Brandon Kirk, Bobby Beverly, and Mitch Vallen in the finals, to get her hand raised by Matt Tremont himself as the tournament’s first winner. Copeland is currently the reigning H2O Hybrid Champion and has exploded in the past year, working for the likes of Beyond Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling, No Peace Underground, Bl!tzkrieg Pro (B!P), and others. It may have taken Copeland a few years to reach the mountain, but she’s proving herself to be the real deal in an industry not exactly known for its women representatives over the past 30 years to proclaim she deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as names like Mickie Knuckles, LuFisto, and others. But don’t mistake Copeland as being “simply” a deathmatch wrestler. She’s ready for any fight and she’s just willing to let the world know she’ll bleed to prove how ready she really is for this game.

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