Match Point: Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian, AEW Dynamite (9/15/21)

Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian AEW Dynamite results

This Wednesday night, on AEW Dynamite, in front of a packed Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Adam Cole makes his in-ring All Elite Wrestling debut, Bay Bay. He will go up against “The Elite Hunter” himself, Frankie Kazarian. These two have a contentious past, to say the very least. This is a meeting of present and future that will most likely have a lot of bloody battles to come along the way. On Dynamite, Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian may be the first of many wars to come.

The moment Cole made it crystal clear which side he was on, he immediately become another target in the crosshairs of Kazarian. To put it mildly, Kazarian has a vendetta against everyone in The Elite and now Adam Cole joins the hitlist in “The Elite Hunter’s” warpath. How did we get here exactly? Above all else, what can we expect when these two stand toe to toe against one another come Wednesday in New Jersey? Let’s dive a little deeper into this upcoming momentous matchup.

Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian, AEW Dynamite

The Elite Hunter: Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian has been on a seemingly never-ending war against The Elite. Ever since the then AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks, used some very underhanded tactics to retain their titles and caused SCU to permanently disband, Kazarian has not forgotten one sin The Elite committed against him. The Bucks stripped away the rights of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to ever team up again in AEW by employing devious methods. For weeks and months on end after that, Kazarian would even out the odds for anyone The Elite tried to screw over in various contests. He relentlessly badgered and hounded the group, brutalizing them at every turn. He even challenged Doc Gallows on night two of Fyter Fest, albeit being unsuccessful in winning the match, Nonetheless, Kazarian inflicted some much-needed damage to The Elite’s behemoth.

Frankie Kazarian is hellbent on ending the faction by any means necessary. He will go through hell and back to make them pay at any cost for what they have done to him, for what they have done to Christopher Daniels, and for everything they have done while they’re atop All Elite Wrestling’s hierarchy. “The Elite Hunter” has not stopped then, he has not stopped since, and he is not about to stop now. If you’re Elite, then Kazarian is bound to get to you. He will get the chance to do so this Wednesday night against a man who has seemingly and willingly crossed over to the dark side.

The Prodigal Son: Adam Cole

Adam Cole, Bay Bay. Cole became #AllElite when he debuted at All Out in front of a sold-out crowd at the Now Center in Chicago, Illinois. The monumental entry into the fold came after the conclusion of one hell of a match between Christian Cage and the retaining AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Once the words “Adam Cole ” appeared on the screens atop the rampway, everybody knew that business was just about to pick up. Cole made an impact right away but just for the wrong reasons. Many thought he was there to finally stand up to his former brothers. But, with one kick that crushed the skull of Jungle Boy, allegiances were clear. He is there for one reason and one reason only: to rejoin his best friends once more and complete The Elite.

This past Wednesday night on Dynamite, Cole spoke to everyone and let every bit of thought loose since All Out. He wants not only to be a part of the best professional wrestling company in the world but reunite with his kind of amazing competitors. These include best friends and quite possibly the best wrestlers on the planet roaming the Earth today. Cole made it explicitly comprehensible that, on this week’s edition of Dynamite, when he makes his in-ring debut for the company, he will show everyone how elite he really is.

Elite vs. Elite Hunter: Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian on AEW Dynamite

Most already know how capable of a competitor Frankie Kazarian is. Kazarian is a veteran of the business that can beat you in many ways before you even know what hit you. He can run circles around you with his technical prowess. Even though he is up there as far as age goes, Kazarian is still as athletic as he once was back in the day. This is due to his phenomenal natural abilities and conditioning. Not to mention, he has been on a bloodlust for anything that bears the name “Elite” as of late. This adds more fuel to his fire this Wednesday.

Adam Cole, on the other hand, is very much the same but with one element working towards his favor. The man can kick your head off at a moment’s notice with a Superkick. He can beat you in a scrap down on the mat. Cole has an amazing arsenal of moves. This includes the Panama Sunrise, Kneecap Brainbuster, and, his inverted Shining Wizard maneuver. Cole has the advantage of surprising an opponent with a move from anywhere in and out of the ring. Kazarian isn’t the only one with a chip on his shoulder.

All those years ago, Kazarian would join and betray Bullet Club on the same night back at Ring of Honor’s historic 15th Anniversary Show. This ruse by Kazarian and Daniels would be the main driving force in Christoper Daniels winning the ROH World Championship and, in turn, stripping from the clutches of Adam Cole. The Elite’s newest member most certainly has not forgotten about that. Furthermore, he is most likely not going to let it slide any longer. Now, Cole has a chance to avenge that major loss once and for all. It’s the in-ring debut of Adam Cole versus “The Elite Hunter” Wednesday on AEW Dynamite live on TNT!

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