Becky Lynch Proving to Everyone That She Is Still ‘The Man’

Becky Lynch

At SummerSlam, Becky Lynch made her long-awaited return to WWE. She filled in for Sasha Banks against Bianca Belair to compete for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. A moment that was supposed to be celebrated with a brilliant match between the two women winners of WrestleMania main events turned sour for many in 26 seconds. Rather than Lynch having a proper return match where she would fight valiantly as she did before leaving the WWE in 2020, she instead did what she felt was necessary to gain gold she never lost. Lynch defeated Belair in 26 seconds, angering fans worldwide as she celebrated in her glory as the returning celebrated superstar. Yet since that moment, she has shown that it was a decision for the best while proving she is still “The Man” of the company.

Since her return, Lynch has flipped the switch on everyone. Instead of apologizing for taking advantage of the situation, she has used reason as to why she did it. Lynch explained that she wanted her title back and the young Belair simply was not ready, allowing her to finisher her off with a Manhandle Slam in literal seconds. Her first promo back on SmackDown followed the same trend of one Conor McGregor.

“Alright, I would like to take this time to say that I am sorry for absolutely nothing,” Lynch said.

Like her fellow countryman, Lynch has instead embraced that she is the best in the eyes of the company she works for and knows her power. Lynch, however, has leveled up ahead of what McGregor does. She has turned it back on the fans who now have started to boo her, which is what should remind everyone why Lynch is the woman who broke the standards in WWE once and for all.

Becky Lynch: “The Man” No Matter How The Fans Feel

Becky Lynch
Credit: WWE

The moment Bianca Belair lost the championship to Becky Lynch, the comparisons to the Kofi Kingston-Brock Lesnar title change were made. Fans worldwide assumed that Belair was doomed to be forgotten in favor of Lynch. After all, who was going to boo “The Man” who return to the ring after having a child? Almost sounds unbelievable. You know, until “The Man” went into action.

Lynch’s brash, witty style with a microphone in her hand has quickly made the difference in who will be cheered and will be booed in the feud between her and Belair. On the latest edition of SmackDown, as she dawned a massively obnoxious red fur coat, Lynch laid into the fans who were booing her out of the building. This was the first time “The Man” was visibly rattled from her reception as the fans filled Madison Square Garden with cheers for “The EST of WWE.”

“Really,” Lynch asked the fans in attendance. “I was sitting at home listening to you people chant ‘We want Becky.’ I came back last minute notice. Last minute notice. Saved all of your a–es, beat the champion in 26 seconds and this is how you treat me? I left my baby girl at home for you people and your favoring a flash in the pan (Belair) over me? Fine, fine. If you can’t join’em, beat’em.”

As Pat McAfee said on commentary, that is a deep cut. As only the best of the best can do, Lynch used truth to support her argument and was booed out of the building for doing so. With her promo ability, actions, and a 26-second match, Lynch has stepped back into WWE as if she never left. That isn’t something anyone can do, especially following the reasons she left for over a year. Lynch had her first child and proceeded to work her way back so that she could not only be in this spot but do it at her very best. The results, despite first impressions, have led to Belair receiving some of the loudest reactions she has ever had and has got Belair to the spot in her own personal story where all anyone wants to see is her stop Lynch from strutting around as champion.

“The Man” has gone from the pompous loudmouth that the people love to the exact same character, but this time without the support of the crowd. Wearing over-the-top clothing isn’t new. She was wearing gear that said “GOAT” on it before she went away to have a kid. The confidence is still there, the ability is still there, and the greatness that is Becky Lynch is not leaving anytime soon. Instead, it’s becoming the best part of WWE all over again. That type of work is something that only “The Man” can do, or rather “Big Time Becks.”

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